New York – New Bill Introduced In Albany Would Cover Expensive IVF Treatments


    Albany, NY – A new bill introduced in Albany is looking to cover the expensive cost of in-vitro fertilization.

    Sponsors of the bill said that the cost of in-vitro, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 per treatment cycle, unfairly eliminates couples who can’t afford it from trying to have their own baby, according to the New York Post (

    Insurance ratepayers will have to cover the cost if the bill passes.

    New York Health Plan Association spokeswoman Leslie Moran says that IVF is an elective procedure, and that New York state recognized that not everyone should have to pay higher premiums. If the bill passes, she says, it goes above necessary benefits insurers are required to cover under President Barack Obama’s health care law.

    The Affordable Health Care Act and New York state laws do not require insurers to pay for in-vitro treatments.

    New York state laws do require insurers to provide coverage for some treatment procedures related to infertility treatment for women between the ages of 21 to 44, as well as for some prescription fertility drugs.

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    1. About time. Back in the early 60’s we spoke about this now we can get. By the way state government should help more in paying for the kids tuition and summer camp and new hats would be super duper.

    2. I feel terrible for those who can’t have children. Bonai Olim is prob one of the most worthy causes out there.
      But its a big tragedy to make insurers pay for it. There are no free lunches. The middle class americans who actually must pay enorumous premiums with copays and deductibles will have to pay even more now to cover its costs. The world has gone wild with notion that everyone is entitled to everything. Another tax on the middle class.

    3. Me and my wife went thru ivf. It is very hard and difficult and yes very expensive and we don’t have a lot of money. We did get help from Bonai Olam and we paid a lot out of pocket. But to say the government should force insurance to pay for it is a disaster. you guys can say what you want but if you think about it you will see that # 3 # 5 and all the others are rite. All of you (that pay for insurance including me) our premiums will only go up the insurance companys are not dumb.

    4. Once again special interest groups are at play here. While technically this is a medical problem, as a normal bodily function isn’t functioning correctly, nonetheless it’s one that doesn’t affect one’s ability to live. Also, IVF isn’t treatment of the problem, it’s an alternate solution to the end result.
      On the other hand one can argue, if someone is blind, will insurance cover surgery to restore eyesight? How about expensive computers allowing them to read braille? Where do we draw the line? What’s medical and what isn’t?

    5. 51% of my property tax goes to schooling. I’m infertile and can’t have children w/o IVF. If I bring a Doctors note to my tax authority will they waive 51% of my taxes?!? Of course not. So no tax credit and no IVF coverage’s – that’s double jeopardy.

      Secondly, IVF coverage will actually bring down insurance rates! How? Because people won’t feel pressure to transfer more than 1 embryo at a time, as it would be covered anyway. Currently, with no coverage, people tend to transfer 2 or more embryos to increase their odds and avoid needing to pay for a second cycle. The fallout of transferring more than one embryo is multiple gestation pregnancy. Multiple gestation pregnancy make up almost all premi deliveries and a premi delivery can cost insurance more than $100k. So basically if insurance companies start covering IVF – yes they will increase payouts for fertility treatment but they will reduce payments for premi deliveries.


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