London – Children Of Belz Sect Banned From U.K. Schools If Mothers Drive Them There


    FILE - A young member of the Jewish community looks back at a police officer as he walks in north London January 20, 2015. ReutersLondon – The British leaders of the Belz Hasidic sect in the U.K. have publicly stated that women are not allowed to drive, and that children whose mothers drive them to school will be banned starting in August.

    Leaders from Belz schools sent out a letter last week stating that allowing female drivers is against the modesty rules of the sect and goes against the “norms” of general Hasidic organization, and that the increase of mothers driving their children to school has fostered resentment among other parents at the school, according to the Jewish Chronicle (

    The letter was endorsed by Belz rabbis, specifically, by the Belzer Rebbe in Israel, Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, who suggested the introduction of the policy banning students.

    Dina Brawer, U.K. Ambassador of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, called the ban is “shameful and disturbing.”

    Information taken from The Jewish Chronicle

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    1. I don’t think if anyone wants to leave Belz will stop them. This is the rules they require if u don’t like it leave. Same as anyone can make rules in their company they can also.

    2. Women driving should be there only problem when those rabbis and men in general look at themselves in the mirror to see how they conduct their lives then we can get down to the women driving

    3. hmmm. not rly sure the Belzer Rabbi endorsed this because Belzer women most definitely drive. my grandfather, a big belzer chossid since R’ Aharon’s times, encouraged driving for women. Something’s off.

    4. Disgraceful. Making women’s life harder banning driving to grocery store and school. You want them to work, take care of family without help from husband who past nisht to do women’s work when you are making women do men’s work by going out to work.

    5. I know that there are a lot of Arabs in the U.K. but it is not Saudi Arabia. These people are going to go so far to the right, they are going to fall off.

    6. How ridicules is this whole thing. What is Un-Tzneisdik about driving???.
      Here in Monsey they don’t let the Chasidisha women drive. But the irony is – they let these young wives and daughters get into car services with some lowlife driving.
      I watch and shudder outside Rockland Kosher how these pretty dressed up young chasidisha ladies getting into a car where the driver is black as coal, undocumented, from some African county (I understand not to judge by color and most are fine and kind people ), Monsey is not the city, here there are deserted places everywhere. It is also known that in our circles these ” things” are swept under the carpet. These guys can head back to Africa and now go find them. There is also going around the grapevine stories that already happened.
      So let your wives and daughters drive around with these guys…. but g-d forbid don’t let them drive themselves. A bunch of meshogoyim, un-logical idiots. What about Pikeach Nefesh?

    7. I can’t wait to read all the caustic comments on this piece of news! (If I may add, you don’t have to agree but you don’t have to put down other people’s views and opinions)

    8. This picture is taken on Egerton Road, outside the Yesodey Hatorah Senior school (a building that was mostly paid for by the government,) what is the connection between this and Belz?

    9. So instead of driving and no one notice them now they have to walk (regardless of weather) and have all the men stare at them. How is this more Tznius???

    10. Seriously? This is news? It must be a quiet news day.
      This is a typical rule in many chassidish schools around the globe and really, who cares?
      Don’t send there if you don’t like the rules!

        • I vowed to stay away from the website due to the frime rishis displayed. However you posting is so true . Yes I lived through the the crematorium and davened in concentration camp and davened in the Belzer Klaus. My dear bubii this is not torah this Sedom with a strajmel

            • I knew about Belz before you dirtied your diapers. The relevancy is that Yiddishe are going hungry. Belz has tremendous assets and the “subject” should women drive, nonsense. It is AN OBSCENITY

            • I say that Hitler ymach shmoi not only murdered Yidden in Birkenau, Majdanek and Treblinka but destroyed a hashkofo what a chusid should be and your statement confirms my assertion. The issue is whether women should drive children not whether children go hungry. You are not a chusid or a Yidd

    11. female should stop working to support the family If they are not allowed to
      dr ive the famly car They should pull the children from schools run by Belz
      The rabbis should not be given money They should go to work like everyone

    12. The upside is that there’s a revolt within the school by the women to buck the system and drive anyway, something that the school never had to deal with. Hopefully the women won’t give into scare tactics and continue to drive their kids to school.

    13. Attn: Monsey/NY Chassidim –
      Why is it more modest for your wives to be driven around by seedy/low-life’s in taxis all day/night long, than for your wives to drive themselves in your own cars?

    14. I don’t mind if Belz wishes to enforce its rules. What I do mind is the manner in which it is being done. Banning is for the Taliban and it is for this reason that our youth are becoming more and more disenfranchised. How different it would be if someone got up and communicated with love. However, I fear that we are no longer capable of kindness and love.

    15. this might be the best way to alleviate traffic in chasiddishe neighborhoods such as monsey,willyb and ,boro park

      . the next trick is to get all the Litvishe, & Sephardic women to stop driving as well as ALL MEN under 25 and over 65 and we should all donate these cars to the liberal/progressive/democratic party

    16. One thing I know is that the Belzer Rebbe is extremely smart and lives very much in today’s world, there must be a very good reason why he does not allow the mothers drive, and btw out of a whole congregation about 10 women drive so it seems like one can manage without it. In London they have a great public transport and all schools are local so perhaps driving is not so important.

    17. not sure when the charedi world will wake up from all this nonsense
      no women driving
      no blue shirts
      no colored socks
      no internet
      no no and no

      then they shake their head when kids are off the derech

      ladies cant drive
      then let the rebbe give one of his many drivers to the ladies!!!!

    18. please check in sheivet haleivy from rav vosner ztl i think its cheilek 4 simen 1 regarding women driving… the gudul hador agreed to the belza ruv

    19. In addition to the tznius, the extremely important consideration in and of itself, there are others: women are usually not good drivers, drive sloooooooooow, have poor spatial perception, take looooooooooong time to park and often take up two parking spots. Several times, when I saw a parked car encroaching into what would be available parking spot if they parked well, I squeezed my car into what is left from that parking spot, so closely to the offender that she couldn’t possibly walk between our cars, much less get into hers. Why did I say “she” you may ask? Because the offender had to wait until I am done with my chore and return to my car, and invariably the perpetrator is a married woman or a girl.

      So, to get to the point, maybe we also need to rethink allowing our women to drive. But here is the dilemma: if I indeed we go that way, my wife will give me a shopping list. So I am very ambivalent…

    20. if you want to know the Halacha from a previous Poisek Hador look in Oz Nidberi from Rav Binyomin Silber Chelik Yud Gimmel Teshuva Pei. There are no other Teshuvos that I know of relating to this subject,.

    21. Unfortunately the people making these rules (Rebbes, the Belzer Rebbe in this case) don’t live in the same world we (their Chasidim) do.
      They are driven around in luxury cars and private jets whenever they feel like it. Have they ever, even once had to run do the doctor with their children and get back home to prepare dinner? And so on…
      Another point: information being blocked from Rebbes by their Gaboim who feed them selective information, Rebbes probable have no clue the tremendous resentment rules like these create within their own Chasidim.
      Worse yet, the rule does not make any sense and that is exactly why it is not followed without the use of intimidation and threats, hence the threat of evicting innocent children from school. Rules like these come from ignorance and a penchant inclination for control at all costs, even if its evident for all how senseless rules like this are.
      Rebbes need Gaboim who will tell it to them as it is and Rebbes need to grow up like the rest of us, in the real, harsh, cash strapped, time limited, means limited world we live in before they become leaders and make binding decision on the rest of us.

    22. Belz is one of the promenent chassidic groups that seem to put an over emphasis on the externalization of being Jewish and do not seem to make any emphasis on what being a Jew is inside one’s own being.

      I am happy not to have a deep connection to them.


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