New York – Jewish Man Proves Existence Of God In Brooklyn Court


    God Gazarov is seen in this undated photo posted to LinkedIn.Brooklyn, NY – God proved his existence in Brooklyn Court Wednesday, making believers out of a Magistrate judge and credit-reporting agency Equifax.

    God Gazarov, 27, settled his lawsuit against Equifax for failing to provide him and a lender with his credit report, stating they couldn’t give him a credit report because they couldn’t process his name as God, according to New York Daily News (

    Gazarov claims Equifax told him to consider changing his name to remedy the situation when in 2013, he was denied a car loan for an Infiniti car because of the lack of a report. Gazarov eventually bought a Honda at a high rate of interest due to having a credit score of “9002,”basically meaning he had no credit.

    Gazarov’s credit rating has been adjusted and he will also receive a confidential monetary settlement.

    Gazarov said God happens to be a common name in Russia, and that he is actually named after his grandfather and that it had to be translated from Russian and Hebrew to into English.

    Information taken from New York Daily News

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      • What a silly thing to say…you think he named himself God so he can sue Equifax? THEY denied him a report which apparently caused him to be overcharged on his insurance, made him unable to get the car of his choosing, and wasted a lot of his time, energy, and patience.

    1. God Gedud Yegudeni – Marching after the Penny…
      (גָּד גְּדוּד יְגוּדֶנּוּ וְהוּא יָגֻד עָקֵב — בראשית מט יט)

    2. Well said number 6. The russian mom for sure did not mean to harm or Irritate anyone with that name. Its just son of Yaakov Ovinu. They call Osher and God… etc


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