Sydney, Australia – Jewish Man Riding Bicycle Killed In Australia


    Dr Henri Sueke (back left), 36, was riding a bike in Rose Bay, in Sydney's east, when he was struck and killed by a truck.(Facebook) Sydney, Australia – A mohel and father of four was hit by a car and killed Thursday in Australia just months after moving there with his family.

    Dr. Henri Sueke, 36, was killed on his way to work. He and his wife, Danni, had just moved to Australia from England before Passover, reports the Jewish Chronicle (

    PerthNow ( reports Sueke was cycling at the time of the accident at around 7:45 a.m. He was a pediatric ophthalmologist.

    The family members were formerly members of Manchester Sephardi synagogue Shaare Hayim.

    Rabbi Amir Ellituv says Sueke was very involved in the community, and was a mohel, gave shiurim and ran shul services for children, in addition to being involved in Jewish charity work.

    His family and Rabbi Ellituv are now traveling to Israel for his funeral.

    (Photo courtesy of  Perthnow)

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    1. What a horrible, horrible tragedy for his wife, children, and klal. B’DE
      Yesterday here in Manhattan we had a young medical professor from Cornell killed by a stolen car while riding a bike, perhaps we should reconsider riding bikes on streets, it is simply not safe with all the crazies all over the world.

    2. Unfortunately people don’t follow the instructions on bikes. And some drivers have no clue on safe driving to watch bikes . This was during day. I worry more about nights have seen many pedestrian with reflectors at night in Monsey and Some in Monroe. was wonderful see them watching For their life


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