Manchester, UK – Jewish Woman Not Able To Work Shabbos Granted Court Settlement After Losing Job Offer


    FILE - A Jewish Family lights Shabbos candles in their home in Budapest November 30, 2012.REUTERSManchester, UK – A Jewish woman who was turned down for a job allegedly based on religious reasons won a $24,000 settlement in court by employment tribunal judges.

    Aurelie Fhima, 23, was awarded the settlement for loss of earnings, injury to feelings and fees, reports the Daily Mail (

    Fhima says she interviewed at travel agency Travel Jigsaw, but her application was rejected when she told them she observes
    Shabbat and could not work Saturdays.

    Travel Jigsaw sent Fhima a letter stating that they could not offer her a position at that time and were looking for people who were flexible enough to work Saturdays.

    Fhima says she asked the firm to review its decision, and offered to work Sundays instead, or work 5 p.m. to midnight Saturday evenings after Shabbat ends, but the firm would not reconsider.

    During court proceedings, Travel Jigsaw stated Fhima lied about being able to work Saturdays during a phone interview and confessed to lying during the in-person interview. Fhima denies those allegations.

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    1. But travel agency does need people to work at those times…I think I disagree with this lawsuit. Let her work in a place where the work can be done at other times…

    2. Even if you don’t ask me, I think its quite considerate of the woman and girls in the picture to cover their faces, so no news outlet needs to airbrush them blurry.

    3. I feel the lawsuit was wrong, because she couldn’t fulfill the job requirements, but it would be nice if someone commended her for sticking to her guns about working on Shabbos. I am surprised she won, though. They needed specific working hours, she couldn’t do that, so she wasn’t hired. Too bad.


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