Brooklyn, NY – IDF Training Kicks In As Jewish Florist Foils Robbery Attempt


    GoogleNew York – A Brooklyn florist turned the tables on a would be robber on Friday, disarming the armed gunman and holding him for police.

    “He is lucky to be alive,” Moti Azreal, owner of A&M Wholesale Flowers and Supplies told VIN News. “He pulled the trigger on me. I had every right to kill him.”

    The botched robbery took place on Friday afternoon at approximately 5:30 PM, when 33 year old Keith Martin walked into the flower shop at 105 Avenue J near McDonald Avenue.

    “He came in, asked about roses and how much they are,” said Azreal. “I told him there were $10 a dozen and he pulled a gun and held it to my face.”

    Martin demanded both the money in Azreal’s register and his phone.

    “I told him the phone was charging and when he looked at the phone on the shelf for a second he broke eye contact,” said Azreal. “I knew I could take him.”

    The 44 year old Azreal estimated that Martin was about 5’9 and 185 pounds. As a former member of a special forces unit in the Israeli Defense Force, Azreal never doubted his ability to take down the armed robber.

    “I knew I could do it, no problem,” said Azreal.

    The two struggled briefly inside the store, with Azreal punching Martin in the face several times. Martin dropped his gun inside the store and the confrontation continued outside on the street.

    “I held him down until police came a few minutes later,” said Azreal.

    Police said that they recovered Martin’s gun, a Heritage Rough Rider 22 caliber revolver, from a trash barrel.

    Martin, who has three prior sealed arrests, was charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing, assault and harassment.

    Three days after the attempted robbery, Azreal is grateful that it didn’t happen a week earlier.

    “I’m glad he came after Shavuos because before Shavuos there would have been a million people in the store,” noted Azreal.

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    1. Very foolish to confront an armed man. Even if your well trained. One wrong move or unfortunate occurrence and it’s over. What to do you have to lose? Your cash? It’s replaceable! Your phone? Replaceable! Your life…

        • With a loaded gun!!! A friend of mine is a highly trained black belt and he said unless he thinks for sure that he will get killed anyway he would never take on a guy with a loaded gun. For all your moves all it takes is the pull of a trigger.

          • A friend of mine is a multi-time Olympian in martial arts and I am a black belt myself. The first time he was mugged he got the attacker on the ground and was hitting him when the mugger’s buddies arrived, knocked my friend unconscious and robbed him. The second time he was mugged the guy shot him twice (he is ok now). Lessons learned. You are absolutely correct that we are taught that the best defense is to run away as fast as you can if possible, or to hand over your property if not. The florist had absolutely no idea whether the robber had armed friends outside the shop. There was a good outcome, but just as easily could have been a terrible one.

    2. It was quite scary. I live in the neighborhood and there were a lot of kids playing outside at that time. I’m so glad no one got hurt – except for the would-be robber. Way to go Moti!

    3. To #’s 2 and 11- There is no guarantee that even if the store owner complied, the low life robber wouldn’t have fired his weapon, anyway. Some of these robbers are sadistic, and others don’t want a live witness. Therefore, I’m glad that he disarmed the robber. However, before the cops came, he would have been justified in beating the heck out of that low life, trash! Ye’Yasha Koach, to Moti! We need more Yidden like him.

    4. Grand MasterBruce Lee was killed by a gun! So while I’m So happy for him and I’m sure thank God his IDF training certainly helped, the outcome is never certain in such a case. Many times if you just comply they leave you alone in my opinion. Again it’s never clear, but more times than not I think it’s better to give any material thing they ask. To call it sheepish to comply with a man with a loaded gun is ludicrous!

      • You are wrong, Bruce Lee DID NOT die of a gun shot, he died due to an allergic reaction to medication. His son died of an ACCIDENTAL gunshot wound on a MOVIE SET. PLEASE HAVE YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE POSTING THEM AS THE EMES.

    5. Its nice we can judge this person from the comfort of our homes. A person who is a special forces trained combat vet is very different than the guy with a blackbelt from his local karate class. He knows what he is capable of and what he isnt capable of. Furthermore, he will have reactions and instincts that kick in when faced with a situation like this that may not be so easy to suppress.

      I know a young father, also former israeli special forces, who resisted an armed robber in his jewelry store…he lives to tell the tale but he was shot in the hip and walks with a very pronounced limp, years later.


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