London – Fashion Designer John Galliano Meets With Rabbi, Holocaust Survivor For Rehab Project


    FILE - Fashion designer John Galliano (C) and his lawyer Stephane Zerbib (L) arrive for a hearing at a police station in Paris February 28, 2011.REUTERSLondon – Fashion designer John Galliano, who was convicted in 2011 in a French court for making public anti-Semitic comments to a woman, has been meeting with a rabbi and Holocaust survivor as part of a rehab program.

    Galliano has had meetings with Rabbi Barry Marcus of London and Holocaust survivor Harry Olmer, 87, who was a teenager when he was imprisoned in labor camps during the Holocaust, reports the Daily Mail (

    Galliano, who was present at a Jewish educational project last week in London, told the crowd that he is an alcoholic, but that it was no excuse for his comments and actions. He said meetings with the rabbi and Olmer have taught him how to be more “spiritual.”

    Galliano lost his job with Christian Dior in 2011 after a video came out showing him calling a woman he thought was Jewish that he loved Hitler, that she was a “Jewish whore” and that her parents should have been gassed.

    Two other women also filed complaints with police about anti-Semitic comments Galliano made to them.

    Galliano returned to the fashion world in January of this year as part of the fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.

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    1. It is something special that he actually goes out of his way to speak to a holocaust survivor and to a rabbi.

      I am finishing an interesting book (The Italians and the Holocaust by Susan Zuccotti) about Italy and the holocaust which shows that unlike the rest of Europe, the Italians were much less anti-semetic and many more worked hard to save Jews. This included many priests, nuns, politicians, police and all other kinds of kind Italians.

      Very few percentage wise were sent by the occupying Nazis to their death as compared to Eastern and Central European countries. It seems that Italians have a different heart than the rest of Europeans.


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