Riyadh – Saudi Arabia Cabinet Calls For Stop To “Judaism” Of Jerusalem


    FILE - Saudi Arabia Council of Ministers, Feb 2, 2015 Cabinet SessionSaudi Arabia – The Saudi Arabian cabinet called on the international community Monday to stop the “Judaism” of Jerusalem through the fast-pace building of settlements, violations in occupied Palestinian territories and through the division of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    The cabinet stated that Israel had moved some offices to areas of occupied Jerusalem and had been arresting Palestinians, saying the developments were violations of human rights, reports Arab News (http://bit.ly/1FSgkY9).

    It went on to say that such actions prove what they call Israel’s “flagrant attempts” to Judaize the holy city.

    Information taken from Arab News

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    1. What? Jews for Judaism? Jews in Jerusalem? Jews building homes? “flagrant violations”!! Hey, House of Saudis (who just 2 generations ago killed their way into power to make the Arabia Peninsula into “Saudi” Arabia), maybe you should direct your vitriol against your “brothers” in the neighborhood who are slaughtering your non-Muslim AND Muslim “brothers”. Rile up the international community you’re addressing to stop the theft, rape and bloodshed in your backyard. Nah. Blame the Jews. Business as usual.

    2. I think they should stop islamising _ the holy MECCA SITE, then worry about judaising jerusalem, JERUSALEM was from the beginning of time, as far as history can be remembered, always belonging to the jews, and always being denied a land of peace, stop denying history, you are bunch of,——————————————–, you know what

    3. Arabia is the dune that has no mind. They are a penny in the sand and the panic of the ages will pick it up. The Saudis have no expressed right to violate Social Directions by durable hate of the jewish people and their rightful place in the human world. This is a crime and maybe Mecca will have a casino before the end of the century!

    4. Lol, with the Middle East in turmoil hundreds of thousands Arabs are killed all over the the Mideast by ISIS by Assad , in Yemen Iraq, Syria, Libya Etc. The Saudis care less about that, it bothers them a few Jews might build a couple of houses in Jerusalem ?

    5. Even before Israel was building in East Jerusalem, these Arabs were not only boycotting the whole Israel, against its establishment, but also other companies that did business with Israel. So what value do Saudi words have on Israel building on what it considers to be its own capital?

    6. Since Saudi Arabia shares in israel’s opposition to obama’s deadly nuke deal with Iran, they now must show they really aren’t in cahoots with Israel. It’s all bluster.

    7. Men of the “Saudi Arabia Council of Ministers” aka מושב ליצנים, if you want other men to take you seriously, develop some sense of shame and at least remove those towels from you ossified heads before you show up in public.


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