New York – Former Israeli Ambassador To U.S. Criticizes American Jewish Liberals


    FILE - Former Ambassador of Israel to the United States Michael B. Oren speaks during an event to commemorate Holocaust victims and survivors in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington April 19, 2012.  REUTERS/Benjamin MyersNew York – The former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, states in his new book “Ally” that the anti-Israel coverage that comes from American media is largely due to Jewish journalists, and condemns President Obama and American Jewish liberals.

    In the book – due to be released next week – Oren says that the claim, “Jews control the media” is anti-Semitic, but then goes on to say that the large number of

    Jews in print and on screen “rarely translates into support for Israel. The opposite is often the case, as some American Jewish journalists flag their Jewishness as a credential for criticizing Israel. ‘I’m Jewish,’ some even seem to say, ‘but I’m not one of those Jews – the settlers, the rabbis, Israeli leaders, or the soldiers of the IDF,’” according to Haaretz (

    Oren questions why American Jewish journalists don’t show more support for Netanyahu and aren’t “impressed” by him and his past as Israel’s leader, stating, his resume “reads more glowingly than even the most sterling of the Obama administration’s CV’s.”

    Oren blames Jewish journalists for Israel being held to higher standards than other countries, and says that the op-ed page in the New York Times, The New Yorker and the New York Review of Books rarely run “non-incriminating” reports on Israel.

    When discussing why Jews would assail their own state, the former ambassador states that some Jews saw attacking Israel as a way to move their career forward, or compared others to “upper class American Jews of German ancestry” and their disdain for Eastern European Jewish immigrants, “the Yiddish speaking rabble who allegedly made all Jews look bad.”

    Oren says others who had adapted where they lived were angry for Israel “further complicating their already conflicted identity.”

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    1. Oh this will be a fun storm to watch. Oren needs to look back at the kitchen cabinet of right-wing low educated, corrupt ministers that Natanyahu assembled. The image of Israel has plummeted thanks to Natanyahu and his embarrassing wing-nut subordinates who have no clue how international relations works.

      • Governing a country is diffrent then running for class president you have to do what’s in your countrys best intrests not try to please those who don’t care about your intrests

      • It boggles the mind how Jews loath themselves to blame us for the actions of an anti-semetic world, led by Obama.

        Israel has risked its security and the lives of our people to make peace. The other side never gave an inch and we are to blame? Demands are only made of us.

        What is your definition of “enlightened?” Sounds more like liberal stupidity at play.

    2. ‘I’m Jewish,’ some even seem to say, ‘but I’m not one of those Jews – the settlers, the rabbis, Israeli leaders, or the soldiers of the IDF…’

      I’ve heard it enough time from people of dubious Jewishness, aka modern something or other.

      “I am Jewish, but not a blackhat.”
      “I am Jewish, but not a chareidi.”
      “I am Jewish, but not extreme.”
      “I am Jewish, I am just not looking for chumros.”

      Sounds familiar? Then note: Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.


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