New York – TSA Screener At JFK Airport Charged With Stealing $7,000 Diamond Watch


    FILE - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents check passengers' luggage at the Baggage Resolution Area ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday at the Midway International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 21 November 2014.  EPANew York – Authorities say a former Transportation Security Administration screener is charged with stealing a passenger’s $7,000 diamond watch from a plastic bin at a Kennedy Airport security checkpoint.

    Authorities say video shows the agent picking up the watch and walking away with it on Aug. 26. The defendant allegedly told investigators that she got nervous and destroyed the watch after she saw co-workers searching for it.

    Margo Grant-Louree of Brooklyn was arraigned Thursday night in Queens on charges of grand larceny and official misconduct. Prosecutors said there was no information on an attorney who could comment on her behalf.

    The case was announced Friday by Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown and the Port Authority’s chief security officer, Thomas Belfiore (behl-fee-OHR’-ee).

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    1. Something is wrong here. How would the thief think the owner wouldn’t immediately notice that such an expensive item was missing? And who would wear such a watch while flying? Maybe the owner is making a false accusation.

      • #3, you seem to think that thieves use their brains. If they did, they would not be thieves. As for wearing an expensive watch, if you are flying with something of valuable, never put it in any suitcases; they get checked (and pilfered) when you are not their to see.


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