Brooklyn, NY – State Court Declines To Halt Kaporos Ritual By Orthodox Jews


    Photo illustrationBrooklyn, NY – On Monday, a Manhattan Supreme Court justice gave the go-ahead for the 2,000 year-old Orthodox practice of Kaporos to begin in Brooklyn after clipping the wings of a challenge from a local animal rights group who claimed the ritual was inhumane and unsanitary. ( reports that Supreme Court Justice Debra James didn’t see eye-to-eye with the suit brought by the Brooklyn-based Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos who named the city, the NYPD, and local Jewish leaders as defendants in their suit which portrayed the Jewish ritual in court documents as “carnival-like and chaotic public nuisance.”

    Reaction from the Jewish community was swift and jubilant.

    “No one has the right to change our religion,” said joyous 27 year-old Yossi Ibrahim from Crown Heights. “This ruling proves we can’t be touched.”

    Alliance to End Chickens attorney Nora Constance Marino said she was “devastated” by the ruling.

    “To be forced to endure opening up your front door annually to a mass animal slaughter is just dumbfounding,” Marino said.

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    1. This is how the 2 day a year Jews deal with guilt. Get a life.
      I have been doing kaporas for decades in various Brooklyn locations and I yet to find one done by any sidewalk. It is usually by a school, whether a sideyard, backyard, or a fenced in schoolyard.
      Instead of feigning concern over “50,000 chickens”, go file lawsuits to stop the far more dangerous 4th of July illegal fireworks.

      • Wow, you take issue over whether this is done on a sidewalk or not!

        How stupid are you to suggest that she file a lawsuit to stop illegal fireworks? how is that her job? on behalf of whom would she sue, and who would be the defendants?

        This would not even be a civil suit, but a a criminal one which she could not file.

        It is astounding how ignorant of the real world supposedly frum Jews are, and how arrogant, self-righteous and hypocritical. You can’t even count past two correctly, since it makes no sense to refer to “2 days a year Jews”, since there can’t possibly be such a thing. what two days are you counting? Purim and Shushan Purim?

        You should be ashamed at your ignorance and lack of education, both Hebrew and English.

      • “This lady”, whom I assume to refer to the lawyer, has a life, and a very lucrative one, much more profitable than yours, I’m sure.

        You, on the other hand, finish with Rosh Hashonah and you immediately sit down in front of your computer and spread loshon Horah.

        you don’t even know what you are claiming, “if” her allegations are true. you’ve obviously forgotten a few years ago when there was a shortage of chickens for kaporos in Boro Park because thousands of chickens died because they were crammed into little cages on a hot day without water and they died, suffering terribly at the hands of the Jews holding them for kaporos. BIG mitzvah for you to use chickens. Hopefully, you will have a similar end to that of the chickens so you can feel what it is like to be at the hands of self-righteous Yiddish yingerleit.

    2. While this lawsuit has a secondary agenda, they are correct that the traditional form of shluggin kaporos with a chicken creates a terrible mess and stench and a lot of tzar baalei chayim. Many chashuve rabbonim have paskind you can be mekayem the mitzvah of kaporos by using a kosher fish or even silver coin. This would make much more sense than the use of chickens. Either way, a gmar tov to all.

    3. Marino, Why dont u try to stop the human slaughtering (Killing) or the drugs? instead of being bz with chickens ,
      Now that the court had turn u down start the real thing to stop the daily human killings all over

      • because that’s not her job, and not what she was hired to do.

        and if she is not a Jew, then it’s a shame that she has more compassion for the chickens than you do, considering that kaporos with money is perfectly acceptable according to every single Rov, while doing it with chickens as done today is considered a shailoh by many Rabbonim.

      • first of all, you should be ashamed to post with such poor, poor English.

        Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with shlugging kaporos with money, except that leave out the tzar ba’alei chayim which you obviously don’t care about.

      • Correct…..chickens are simply very unclean and dirty animals….using chai silver coins, any other kosher animal such as a small goat or simply saying the barachos with kavanah are preferable to the chickens

        • Such as a small goat? Are you not aware that the הלכה forbids any animal for כפרות in that it would resemble a קרבן which cannot be offered in this time? In the future, when speaking of תורה matters, you should be more careful.

          • By your logic, a chicken cannot be used for a korbon? When moishiach comes, and everyone is not rich like you and cannot afford a whole cow or goat, do you think the Ebeshter would not look favorably on a korban of a chicken brought by a poisheter yid with great mesiras nefesh? I doubt it.

            • By your logic a chicken connot be used for a Korbon?

              not true. a chicken can’t be used for a korbon because there is no Bais Hamikdosh. You don’t understand logic: not mine, not yours, not anyone’s.

              worrry about what is happening now, not what can happen after you are dead.

            • For many of us, Moisiach is coming soon, very soon in our lifetime….if you see the NYPD closing off the roads from the Ohel to Eastern Parkway, maybe you should consider running out and buying a chicken or a goat (not sure its important) because you will be doing korbonos sooner than you think.

          • why don’t you nitpick amd miss the point of the entire article?

            you chassidishe types live not for the joy of Torah and Yiddishkeit, but for the joy you get in jumping on what you perceive to be small, irrelevant mistakes about something you remember from the 10% of the time you paid attention in yeshiva.

            had sad and [pathetic for you!

    4. To #6,7 etc etc (assuming you are different people)

      You want to use money – go right ahead. Nobody is stopping you. Most of us want to use chickens. That is now our LEGAL right as well as our religious one. So we will continue to do the tradional Kapores method & you can use A LOT of money which no doubt, you donate to an organization that feeds the poor. If you need suggestions of such deserving mosdos, I have a few. Gmar Chatima Tova.

      • “most of us”? Don’t you mean “me”?

        Who are you speaking for when you say most of us? there is no “us” behind you, just you.

        Just you pushing to continue a barbaric, cruel, and tzar baal hachaim that is legal FOR NOW, but will be banned soon enough.

    5. The mitzvos of avoiding tsar ba’alei chayim and tikun olam certain take priority over a barbaric minhag from the alte heim to use live chickens. No where in the torah does it say to grab a chicken and shlug kaporos…just some nameless rabbonim in the alte heim decided that was what was available so they made it a minhag, NOT a CHIYUV M’doraisah.


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