Los Angeles – Holocaust-Film-Based Poll Shows 1 In 3 Americans Would Refuse To Hide A Jew If Alive During Holocaust


    FILE - Protestors, gathered outside the US embassy in Athens, light candles shaping the word USA with the nazi symbol. 20 March 2003. EPALos Angeles, CA – A scientific poll born out of a Holocaust-based film reveals that 1 in 3 American adults say they would have said “no” if asked to hide a Jew were they around during the Holocaust.

    HOLLYWOODREPORTER.com (http://bit.ly/1iCZ1TO) reports that the poll was conducted as part of a marketing campaign aimed at promoting the digital release of the film “Return to the Hiding Place,” which chronicles the the lives of Christians who put their lives on the line to shelter Jews from the Nazis during World War II.

    The film’s director Peter Spencer hatched the idea for the poll based on an interview in which the film’s star, John Rhys-Davies, asked his interviewers if they would have risked their safety to help Jews had they been in position to at the time.

    The poll—which surveyed 1,000 American adults—showed that married American adults were more likely to say they would have helped Jews, while men, more than women, answered in the affirmative.

    Additionally, people who identified as religious were more likely to answer “yes,” and affirmative Southerners outnumbered Northerners.

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