Beachwood, OH – Orthodox Ohio Rabbi Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison For Child Sex Abuse


    Rabbi Ephraim KarpBeachwood, OH – An Ohio rabbi has been sentenced to 22 years in prison after pleading guilty in Maryland to sexually abusing an underage girl, court documents showed.

    Rabbi Frederick (Ephraim) Karp, 51, of Beachwood, Ohio, was sentenced by a Baltimore County Circuit Court judge on Thursday. His sentence includes five years of supervised probation after release.

    Karp pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of a minor and a third-degree sex offense, court filings showed. He was arrested in New York in January.

    Baltimore County prosecutor Lisa Dever told the Baltimore Jewish News that the plea included charges from Cleveland based on events that allegedly occurred at Karp’s home. She said the three victims lived in Baltimore County at the time of the events.

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    1. Sorry about the victim, her family & friends. Terrible thing. Terrible to hear…horrible punishment…taking 22 years away from his life. How does this help? Cruel America. Who is crueler, the ‘rabbi’ or America? (Of course America doesn’t see it’s faults, just like the perpetrator (Xrisitan America?) Flogging is better. Apologies, payment. Man’s a fool. BIGTIME

      • Correction – your comment had a typo. BoruchN is a fool. What a chutzpah.

        I have no clue whether 22 years is enough, too little, or too much. But the safest place for a child abuser like this is jail. If you have all this rachmonus for him, visit him, bring him kosher food from your home, sforim to read, etc. But this creep is a bizayon to all of us. He has taken his role as a “rabbi”, and used this authority to behave opposite of his title. The chilul Hashem of this is unspeakable. In case you are too insensitive to realize, you are also a victim of this bizayon.

        The leadership of the frum community needs to openly thank the courts for passing a strict sentence and taking this perpetrator away from the community. We have to rely on the secular courts for our safety, because “rabbis” like this are protected.

        • and NONE of you know what really happened.
          I no longer believe anything that is reported regarding sex offenders
          the system is corrupt and yes it’s true there are perverts among us (and they should be dealt with because they are criminal and sick) – but I also see this as a repeat of the 1980’s when it was fashionable to accuse people of molestation and sex crimes. Too many innocent people rotted in jail then and I fear we are experiencing a similar wave now.
          There was also a women school bus driver from Ohio who sat for years and she was innocent
          There was also the mcmartin case.. it goes on and on..
          Molestation is criminal but it is also just as criminal to go after innocent people and jail them for 15 to 20 years.
          The families in the 1980’s were all innocent and all their families were destroyed.
          How was that okay? And the DA who is responsible for their suffering is still around! He used these people for political gain! what a country!

          • Fool. He pleaded guilty. I recall one of the notorious perps of not too long ago, whose reign of toeyva ran for nearly 40 years. He pleaded guilty, and got off with charges that did not put him on the sex offender list. What emerged was that he had victimized hundreds of kids. Few could prosecute because of statute of limitations. Of those that did, victims and their families, plus witnesses were threatened, so the DA could not get a good conviction. His plea was to endangerment, but not a sex crime, so he “got away with murder”. However, facts were known. He told people that he only pleaded guilty to avoid lengthy trial with legal costs. Liar. Innocent people do not plead guilty. Repeat. Innocent people do not plead guilty. This is not the fault of the DA. Wake up and smell the coffee.

            • “Innocent people do not plead guilty…”

              You are wrong. There is a bias in the courts and among prosecutors against the alleged perpetrators of sex crimes, and often it is a “this one said, this one said” situation. They tend to believe the victim over the alleged perpetrator. An attorney may advise their client to plea bargain, in exchange for a guaranteed lesser sentence, as opposed to a much worse sentence that the prosecutor may lobby for in the event the ruling is guilty.

    2. In general America has the most contradictory, and harshest punishments meted out for law breakers. America is a country with one of the most over populated jail systems. People who commit similar crimes one person can get a few months or years and another can get 10 to 20 years.

    3. No. 12 is not correct that innocent people never plead guilty, they sometimes do to spare families the shame and expense of a defense. He should wake up and smell the coffee. The Innocence project and similar organizations have helped many people win their freedom after proving innocence despite guilty pleas. I have no idea if Karp is guilty or not, he had a reasonably good reputation before this event.


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