Israel – Jerusalem Deputy Mayor: Posting Chareidi Soldiers Will Undermine The Religious Standards Of Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods


    Israeli soldiers guard at a bus station in the Ultra orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, October 19, 2015. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90Israel – Despite a recent wave of violence that has swept through Israel in recent days, officials in Jerusalem have requested that no Chareidi soldiers be stationed in the city’s ultra Orthodox neighborhoods because those troops pose a spiritual threat to the level of holiness in those areas.

    “In the framework of freedom of expression, every Chareidi Jew is entitled and obligated to voice his opposition to rule breakers such as these who hope to diminish the pure atmosphere of our neighborhoods,” said Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Chaim Epstein.

    Israel’s Ynet reported that Epstein charged the IDF with taking advantage of the current situation and using it to insert subversive sources into Jerusalem’s Chareidi neighborhoods in order to undermine the religious standards in areas such as Meah Shearim and Geula. Epstein further warned that sending Chareidi troops into those areas could encourage residents to bully those enlisted to protect them, requiring an even greater number of soldiers to be deployed to those neighborhoods.

    The recent rash of Palestinian violence against Israelis has reignited conflicts between the IDF and members of Israel’s Chareidi community who oppose the draft and military service. While a group of Geula merchants requested extra security in recent days and called for a temporary halt to tensions between residents and soldiers, extremists have warned that Chareidi soldiers will not be welcome in their neighborhoods and will be met with protest and disruptions.

    The decision to send Chareidi soldiers into ultra Orthodox neighborhoods is a recipe for trouble, according to Epstein.

    “What is the rationale for creating problems during difficult times like these?” questioned Epstein. “Are these same soldiers being provocatively posted here just so that in a short time more soldiers will be needed in order to calm tensions here?”

    Members of both Shas and Yahadut Hatorah opposed Epstein’s statements calling them “delusional” and “full of chutzpah,” saying it was inappropriate to put internal conflicts ahead of matters of security.

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    1. Are the so called charadim so crazy?Will they let themselves be put in danger of being killed by the arabs because they are afraid of the influence of haredi soldiers?

    2. i had to read in 3 times to make sure I was reading what I was reading, mind boggling but like certain “underprivileaged” communities in America, this is what happens when you dont work and get every handed to you without EVER having to work for it, you get entitled. let the neturei karta protect them.

    3. Bs’d. This perversion of Judaism by Chasidei Shotah is a prime reason for the rise of our enemies. Those chayalim are acquiring the Olam Haba of their phony leitzim critics.

    4. What other kinds of troops would undermine the heilige madreigah perceived by the Yidden in Geula and Meah Shearim? Would they prefer female soldiers? Arab Christian volunteers? This is all a smoke screen. Certain parties in the chareidi districts fear that the eyes of the yungerleit would be opened seeing shomer mitzvos chayalim protecting them, and might be tempted to become like them. How long do these ostriches think that yungerleit will walk around wearing blinders like a horse? These series of attacks are being fueled by the social media, and the yungerleit are much more aware of the existence of apps such as Facebook than their elders and rebbes want to admit. The chareidim who have joined the IDF should be praised for creating a great Kiddush Hashem while protecting all Jews.

    5. Nu, so let them go without any treif or charade soldiers to protect them. Hashem is going to protect them, because Hashem is the only thing protecting them as they say.

    6. Deputy Mayor Chaim Epstein represents R. Shmuel Auerbach’s Bnei Torah Party. As such, he’s merely echoing Daas Torah from his Gadol. Do we even have a right to question?

      • It is pathetic that these people are so arrogant and hypocritically self-righteous that they actually believe that the presence of other chareidim who are willing to fight for Israel diminish the self-bestowed “holiness” of these neighborhoods.

        I am a FFB senior citizen who grew up a “shtibbel Yid” in Boro Park, still live in the area, and am still as frum, and I state without reluctance or hesitation that I would rather see Arabs living in these neighborhoods than these entitled, ungrateful self-important Jews.

      • It is doubtful that this idiot is channeling the views of Auerbach who is widely respected for his common sense in addition to his daas torah. if on the other hand this really is Auerbach’s position, i.e. to deliberately put his followers at risk rather than have IDF forces secure their neighborhoods, than with all respect, his views should be ignored both by the government and his followers. At times, we have to step back and consider the wisdom of mindless adherence to so called gadolim.

    7. Can anyone tell me the difference between “ultra-orthodox” and “chareidi”? Gee whiz, there seems to be more brands of Judaism than Baskin-Robbins has ice cream flavors. We need to get over it and see each other as fellow Jews. Enough already with the nonsense.

    8. The chareidim would rather have the Sephardic students in yeshivos and seminaries, join the IDF and then risk their life to protect them. 1 solution for 2 problems.

    9. I agree with the above comments. These bigots should be welcoming ALL the soldiers into their homes for Shabbat, giving them drinks & things to eat, & showing Hakores HaTov. Contrast them with the number of Chabad soldiers with beards & all the Chabadniks who go to army bases & checkpoints every week to give chizuk. Yet when there is an attack, as there was in Geula last week, they want our soldiers there.

    10. there is only one description for these animals “criminally insane ignorant savages”
      and to think that this piece of human garbage is the deputy mayor of Jerusalem

    11. What kind of drivel is coming from yidden i once admired..
      These comments are beyond disgusting. They are destroying the true jewish spirit
      A jew even a chareidi one should kiss the fellow jew in the IDF
      If the soldier is a frum jew then he should carry him on his shoulders.


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