Jerusalem – Knife-Wielding Arab Woman Shot At Afula Bus Station Wasn’t A Terrorist


    FILE - Israeli forensic policemen and security forces inspect the site where a Palestinian woman was shoot after she attempted to stab a security guard in the northern city of Afula, October 9, 2015. Photo by Yossi Cohen/Flash90Jerusalem – Israeli Channel 2 TV reported that an Arab citizen of Israel who was shot by Israeli forces after she brandished a knife at a bus station in northern Israel this month did not intend to carry out an attack.

    The channel, citing Israel’s Justice Ministry, reported the woman was mentally unstable and suicidal and carried the knife with her into the bus station so that she could be shot and killed by Israeli forces. Israel’s Justice Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The incident was caught on video, which showed the woman waving the knife and then surrounded by security forces who shot and wounded her. Palestinians have cited the incident in their claims that Israel has used excessive force during the current wave of violence.

    The Palestinian attacks have put Israelis on edge and with public panic rising, there have been a number of violent cases of mistaken identity.

    When an Arab citizen of Israel opened fire at a bus station in southern Israel recently, killing an Israeli soldier and wounding several people, a private security guard shot an Eritrean migrant he thought was an attacker. As the Eritrean lay on the ground, a mob of people cursed him, kicked him and hit him with objects. He later died of his wounds. Last week, an Israeli Jew was killed after soldiers thought he was a Palestinian attacker and earlier this month an Israeli man stabbed a Jew after mistaking his dark-skinned victim for an Arab.

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    1. The same story happened in 770 a while a ago. An EDP holding a knife was shot DEAD by a NYPD officer , the officer was a hero if recall correctly. However in Israel…..

    2. So the cursed Palestinians are justified in their terror obsession, with the encouragement of their leaders (and slightly more silent support from the White House and liberal media). But when Israelis have to be on constant alert for deadly danger, and mistakes happen, that is terrible? The moral compass here is so completely opposite of humanity values it should alarm anyone with common sense.

    3. The Palestinians and their supporters should apply this policy to themselves, each time someone is brandishing a knife or pointing a gun at them. They should first verify their intentions, ( he might be from a peace loving organization like ISIS or Hamas ) and not attempt to thwart him, We wish them easy implementation , of this policy ,
      throughout their sphere of influence,

    4. The video did show that she wasn’t approaching anyone, but rather was just standing still with the knife (and then waving it a bit). Most soldiers and officers were standing several feet away, until someone else ran up and shot her. I do think that in that case (since she wasn’t trying to approach toward others) that someone could have shot her with a Taser, bean bag, etc. If she were to move toward someone, then they could have shot her.

      The Attorney General was quoted that if an attacker is neutralized that people shouldn’t continue to hurt him. I’m reminded of a Oct. 21, 1990 attack in which an Arab stabbed to death a gardener and an unarmed female soldier. The Arab was then shot in both legs by a policeman. The policeman then approached him, at which point the injured terrorist then stabbed the policeman to death. So you can’t walk up to a live, conscious person holding a knife, even if they are injured. But if they are not actively threatening others, you can shoot them with a Taser, bean bag, etc. until they drop the knife.

    5. If anything, it proves that the Woman was fully aware of her actions and intentions. She can’t claim to be mentally unstable and suicidal, in a country that is full of wild beasts brandishing knives, stabbing any Israeli to death… she has the same mental state as any other terrorist with a knife. They all know they are going to be killed and then remembered as a “martyr”.
      If thats what they want, we should make them all martyrs.

    6. I get it. Next time, the cops will put down their guns and phone the Arab’s shrink. Then they will offer him/her a nice cup of tea. ARE YOU ALL AS INSANE AS THIS WOMAN? Shoot first, ask questions later. Better a dozen EDP Arabs than one Jew.


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