Jerusalem – Rabbi Meir Mazuz At Memorial For Henkin Couple: Punishment Came Because Of Gay Pride Parade


    FILE - Rabbi Meir Mazuz attend a press conference of Yachad political party in Bnei Brak on December 25, 2014. Photo by Yaakov Naumi/Flash90Jerusalem – The frequently controversial haredi leader Rabbi Meir Mazuz said on Sunday at an event commemorating a month since Eitam and Naama Henkin were killed in a terror attack that the murders came about as a punishment due to the gay pride parade in Jerusalem this year.

    “This pride march, what pride? Pride to wage war against the Torah, pride to wage war against creation, pride to wage war against God? For this the punishment came,” said Mazuz at the Jerusalem Ramada hotel to an audience of several hundred people, Walla news website reported.

    Mazuz is the dean of the Kiseh Rahamim yeshiva in Bnei Brak and the spiritual patron of Shas renegade Eli Yishai and his Yahad movement.

    The rabbi said that efforts must be taken to “warn and educate are children not to look at forbidden things, not to look at things that call an upheaval of the soul.”

    Mazuz is not the first rabbi who has spoken out against the gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Amar said in September that the public was “disgusted and sick” of homosexuality, although he condemned the murder of Shira Banki by Yishai Shlissel at the parade in July.

    Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Aryeh Stern has also said that “immodest” rallies should be avoided to preserve the holiness of Jerusalem.

    At the same event Sunday night, Mazuz said that visiting the Temple Mount should be avoided because “we must be careful provoking the nations of the world.”

    Last week, Mazuz said surprisingly that it in certain circumstances it is permitted to visit the Temple Mount, provided the correct preparations are taken in accordance with Jewish law, but said that doing so could be problematic.

    The issue of visiting the Temple Mount became a serious stumbling block for Yishai’s Yahad party in the last elections when he sought to join with the far right Otzmah Yehudit party whose members are strong supporters of Jewish prayer rights and sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

    Yishai’s colleague in Yahad Yoni Chetboun, following the advice from his spiritual mentor Rabbi Tzvi Tau, president of the very Har Hamor Yeshiva, refused to unite with Otzmah until a compromise was found on the issue.

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    1. He means the gay parade and other secular abominations , are responsible for the shaky security situation, The anti religious fail to recognize the miraculous survival of Israel in a sea of enemies, A country that has endured a barrage of over 10,000 missles, has within it millions of Arabs who would be all too happy to wield a knife against it, has an automatic majority of over 100 countries that are always ready to censure and condemn it, regardless of the issue, It is being ridiculed and boycotted in various forms, and is constantiy accused of discriminating against the (300 million) Arab minority, Rabbi Mazuz is highlighting the causes that are detrimental to our existence,

      • “He means the gay parade and other secular abominations”

        What about לא תעשו עול which the תורה also considers a תועבה? What about the child molestation, the cold blooded רציחה by a lunatic like Schlissel, and an endless plethora of עבירות בין אדם לחבירו, which the over the top חרדי world considers to be מותר as long as they’re done לשם שמים? Who is anyone to say why הקב״ה causes Jews to suffer, or does anything else for that matter? The fact that you agree with such irresponsible statements only shows your deep rooted ignorance and your inconceivable presumptuousness to speak in the name of the בורא עלמא.

        • To the contrary. EY is a democracy which guarantees the rights of all groups to express their views, as long as they don’t advocate violence or destruction of property. There are many chareidi demonstrations in Yerushalayim that involve burning dumpsters, attacking police, throwing dirty diapers, screaming “Nazi” against security forces etc. that are organized by so called “gadolim” and “chashuve rabbonim” against all sorts of alleged chilul shabbos and pritzus activities, business decisions, etc. they may regard as contrary to halacha. If you don’t like the parade, don’t march or stand on the street and cheer as the “gays go by”. Many of us are even more offended in walking the streets of meah shearim or BB and watching yidden in chassidish lvush verbally assaulting frum IDF chaylim in uniform…that’s a much bigger chilul hashem than Moishele who wants to live with Avrumelah.

    2. Sometimes these sefardic gedolim say the most assinine things
      Even assuming it was “because” of the Gay Parade
      So why did such a wonderful holy couple like the special scholarly Rav Eitam and his wife perish?
      Why not a busload of gays??

      These guys are……

    3. Ask the venerable Rabbi why G-D is not killing tge gays why should he kill holy jews ? I do not buy into this garbage tthe Henkins and other holy jews did not commit any sins the gays and the liberal left wing selfhating Jews do tge Aveiros and Tzadikim are dying?

      • There are nume out possible reasons me which most learned people know. It could be their neshamos needed that exact tikkun at this time; sometimes tradition are taken early because their tafkid has been accomplished, while Hashem allows the sinners and Reshaim to remain alive so that they might still do teshuva.

    4. You are just as sick & bigoted as Rabbi Mazuz. Let me get this right – you think it would be OK for the Arabs to kill a “busload of gays”? Doesn’t matter if they are Jews, their sexual orientation determines their worth in your eyes. G-d help any of YOUR family members’ lives if they turn out to be gay, they will never be able to count on you. I bet you all consider yourselves super-religious and holy, but here’s the thing: if you despise a certain section of Jews for whatever reason, you aren’t. You are rashaim. And NO – I am not gay & none of my children are.

    5. You freier Jews miss the point. The religious are being punished now for not having protested against the despicable parade. The connection is clear. What the deranged Shlisel did at the parade to a bystander at the parade is now happening to the religious community that in fact did nothing but stand by in the distance and not protest. Now there are numerous deranged Shlislach punishing the Charedim community. So why have some irreligious persons also gotten stabbed? Maybe Heaven does not want to embarrass the religious.

      • for the type of lashon haroh and sinas chinam you and Maruz have displayed, by your own logic, you and he are destined to be among the victims of such violence and its not clear many will mourn for you. A yid is a yid and rationalizing violence against your brothers and sisters for ANY reason is like signing your own death warrant with the Ebeshter. He loves all his yidden, even those with another hashkafah.

    6. “The religious are being punished now for not having protested against the despicable parade.”

      And, how do you know this? You are just another local vocal yokel who dares to think that he knows exactly what is in the mind of the בורא עלמא, aren’t you? No true ירא שמים is so presumptuous as to say why הקב״ה does this or does that. You are not a נביא, neither do you have רוח הקודש to make such irresponsible statements. It would not even surprise me to learn that like others here, you vehemently post against gays in a lame effort to hide your own homosexual tendencies, just as those who defend child molesters because of their own deviant nature. Because a קל שבקלים such as you says something doesn’t mean that it’s the אמת.

      אשר יזיד לדבר דבר בשמי

      • This Mazuz character is no “rabbi” even though he claims the title. More like a Jerry Falwell type who blamed the earthquake in Hati and Volcanic eruption on Iceland on various gay-related matters. Mazuz’s despicable words and actions over a decade mark him as a troubled, hate-filled individual who claims to channel hashem’s thinking like some machasefa in yeshivish lvush. He has been disowned by just about all responsible rabbonim and askanim in EY.

    7. Lots of gay people in the Israeli army who are protecting him, but he won’t complain about that. He needs to keep his stupidity to himself. Probably has gay family members who despise him.

        • Pray tell, how? I would like you to cite a fact to support your allegation. And then, please explain why gay soldiers who risk and give their lives to protect Am Yisroel put the army in danger more than uneducated, unemployed frum people who not only refuse to lift a finger to defend their family and people, actively attack police and soldiers and also commit fraud against the government, taking money that could be used to strengthen the state. Mind you, of course not all frum people, but a certain segment of which we are all familiar.

        • Remember that when a gay soldier stands by smiling as a terrorist attacks you or yours…these young soldiers are brave young men and women who every day risk their lives to protect ALL Israelis (including dumb straights such as yourself) and to insinuate otherwise is a disgusting and insulting comment.

    8. I wrote the previous post marked as #12. Also I read the comments, many of which are from irreligious Jews that deny that Hashem rules the world or believe Hashem created the world in order to serve them with free lunches while they pervert society and violate his Torah. Well, none of you have cast even a shadow of doubt in my mind. I stand by what I wrote. I firmly believe that the true Moshiach is standing at the threshold. That events relating to the exodus of Egypt as told in the Torah will be repeated by Moshiah. Just prior to the Egyptian exodus 80% of the Jews perished as a result of their being irreligious. Likewise by Moshiach 20 per cent of the Jews will merit redemption consisting of those that keep Shabbos and do not commit or support male gay sins. The other 80%…… well, thank you for flying Lufthansa, hope you enjoyed the trip.

    9. This Rabbi may be well versed in Talmud, but perhaps he has not yet mastered Tanach. Check out Mishlei
      Perek 3 Pasuk 5. “Trust Hashem with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding”.

      I’m do not know why terrible things happen, but part of my faith is trusting in Hashem. One job of a Rabbi should be to bring people closer to Hashem. Does he think that his statement accomplishes this is any way?


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