New York – Obama: Republicans Who Say They Can Handle Putin Can’t Handle CNBC


    People applause as U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York November 2, 2015.  REUTERS/Carlos BarriaNew York – President Barack Obama poked fun at Republican presidential candidates on Monday for promising that they could stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin when they couldn’t “handle” the moderators from last week’s debate on cable network CNBC.

    Republican candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson and others have criticized the journalists who moderated the well-watched debate for what they said was a failure to ask relevant questions.

    Obama, speaking at a fundraiser for Democrats in New York, knocked the Republicans seeking the White House for saying they could turn around ties with Putin, with whom the president has a strained relationship.

    “And then it turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators,” Obama said to loud applause from the audience of Democratic donors.

    “If you can’t handle those guys, then I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you.”

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      • Really? Please cite the instance, any instance, in which Cruz, Carson, Trump and the others in the clown car have ever negotiated with Putin. Don’t spend too much time looking (which you wouldn’t do anyway since that would involve facts) because there is absolutely no example.

    1. ha ha ha,
      Putin who snub his nose to Oblaba twice, and Oblama could not do anything is no one to open his mouth. Both in the war in Ukraine he told Putin not to get involve or US will make a economic blockade and now in the war in Syria Oblama told Putin not to support Assad or US will have a fit.

      SO if Putin can give the finger (middle one) to our dear beloved pres, O’bullshoot should shut his stupid trap and sneak back into the Black house.

    2. Obama is a shmuck he run this country to the ground and has the chutzpa to speak this way?
      I hope that the jews finally figured out that he is HUSSEIN first and not an American Patriot

      • Just goes to show how perturbed he is by how Putin has made such a jerk out of him! Not to mention that the U.S. Has lost the respect of the entire world since this embarrassment of a president took office! The republican president who will take over in ’16 will have lots of work to do to try to undo the mess this empty suit has left,

      • what exactly did he run to the ground? Is our economy so bad?
        Oh foriegn affairs? Because Bush did better? The republicans were against going into Lybia? Only the democrates wanted it? Or do you recall that Obama was reluctnat to go into Lybia and the hawks pushed him?
        Obama had one messup. That was Obamacare. but don’t forget Hiliray wants universal care!

      • Please cite a fact that shows that Obama has run the country to the ground. I will cite the following facts that entirely disprove your thesis:
        Record corporate profits
        Record stock market performance
        Unemployment reduced to 5.5%
        16 million formerly uninsured now have health insurance
        Deficit reduced by 50%
        Unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brought back into the budget and funded

        Waiting for your facts.

    3. The man has a point. Crybaby Republicans are going on and on about not doing any more debates on NBC if they can’t control this or that. And their claims about unfair treatment are pathetic – Cruz went on and on about how the moderators weren’t asking policy questions, in order to avoid giving and answer about a policy question! How anyone can think about voting for any of those clowns is beyond me.

        • Is this the appropriate proper, professional behavior of a competent, self assured president? Or does it just show how petty and low he is,a nod how he’ll knock anyone just to make himself feel bigger? What a disgrace he is. Only reason he got elected was because he’s (half) black, he certainly had no credentials, and didn’t learn anything in office either..,,

        • Pretty funny. Romney won, too, according to your Faux News boys. The GOP is so far off the right wing edge that we’re not going to see a Republican president for a generation. I’m not in love with Hillary, but the way the Republican field has alienated women, minorities, independents and city folk, you’re going to have to live with her for the next 4-8 years…and with her Democratic successor afterward.

        • First, you would have to direct us to a competent Republican. From what the rest of the country can see, there isn’t one in the current group. Second, you live in a complete media bubble, and probably in an ethnic bubble and therefore are blissfully unaware of how the majority of the country views matters. In fact, the vast majority of people in this country not only disagree with conservative Republican politics, they are absolutely appalled at the level of stupidity, factual and historical ignorance, racism, and simply childish behavior exhibited by Republican politicians. Face it, there will not be a Republican president for many years, especially now that the racist candidates have completely alienated the fast-growing Latino population, have already lost the African Americans, are loathed by women who correctly recognize their misogynistic policies, and are disliked by the young who hate their discriminatory views. There are just not enough poorly educated older white males like yourself to compensate for the hundreds of millions who disagree with you. Deal with reality.

    4. 3 points.
      1. Obama will say anything to fit his agenda
      2. How is handling the media the same as handling putin. ?
      3. The way putin has made a mockery of a siting u.s. President. if I were obamma I wouldn’t mention putin

      • That’s just it, this brainiac of a president (gee, how come they refused to release his college records?!) just played his hand by showing how much he truly is bothered by how Putin has put his finger in obama’s eye!

    5. THEY can’t handle CNBC?
      They sure did. They confronted it, called it out, made a mockery out of it.
      Being quiet about it and allowing yourself to be stepped on, that’s called not being able to handle it.
      And only those who did speak up at the time, those are the only ones worthy of nomination. All the others should be discarded. They’re wimps!

      • Obama’s only capability is reading from a TelePrompTer, hardly an accomplishment. he shouldn’t be demeaning others, it isn’t presidential, it’s just so small of him.

    6. For all those who claim the Republican candidates handled the media so well: If they did so well, why don’t they want CNBC to moderate any more debates?

      • Duh. Let’s try and explain this to you slowly. The democratic leaning moderators wasted time on pathetic questions (fantasy football after all, isn’t one of the more pressing problems our country is facing) and putting down each candidate with their snubs remarks, instead of asking questions about the critical issues on voters’ minds (at least, those of us intelligent enough to realize the damage that has been wreaked on out country by the current president). Therefore, the candidates realize the American people will only be able to hear what we need to, in order to be able to make our selection for president, when there are fair moderators, interested only in addressing the important issues. Were you able to understand that?

        • Or because the moderaters finally called Trump out on what he is. The American people need to hear the truth some times. trump is a pure comedian with zero intellect. His and Ben Carson’s polices just don’t add up on paper. Do the math yourself. Its true that neither does Bernie Sanders and he was called out on it to.

      • Because those moderators didn’t ask questions, they made comments insulting to each candidate and didn’t ask questions the American people are interested
        In. Why would the candidates, or the American people want a repeat of that?! Do up U.S. Seriously not get that? Unfortunately you seem to be representative of typical democrats.

    7. What an arrogant piece of slime this token black-elected nobody president is! The candidates were very well able to “handle” the liberal moderators, and they told them off beautifully! You wouldn’t be so cocky if the press wasn’t in your back pocket. Can’t wait until 2016 so we can see your sorry tuches finally leave the White House, after all the damage you’ve done to our great country!

        • No Hilary wouldn’t be any better, and the American people know that. That’s why the latest polls show Trump and Carson ahead of Hilary! You’re dreaming iF you really believe arepublican president isn’t coming!


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