Washington – Muslim, Jewish Activists To Promote Peace On DC Bus Tour


    Washington – A group of Muslim and Jewish activists is taking a bus tour around the Washington area in an effort to show that the religions don’t have to be enemies.

    Thursday’s tour is called “Spread Hummus Not Hate.” It’s led by the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the Greater Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum.

    Participants will sing songs, share pita and hummus and ask people to sign a pledge to confront bigotry. They plan to visit a mosque and a synagogue, among other locations. At 1 p.m. they’ll be at Farragut Square Park in Washington to greet the lunchtime crowd.

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    1. Jewish liberal fools. Hummus comes in two forms; cooked which is soft, and also uncooked which is great for a slingshot. This reminds me of the story of the gingerbread man.

    2. If a person were to make a judgement based on the previous comments to this article it would appear that frum Jews have completely rejected Hillel’s dictum: ‘הוי מתלמידיו של אהרן, אוהב שלום ורודף שלום, אוהב את הבריות’ ‘be students of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving people’. With so much hatred, prejudice and negativity coming from so many observant commentators on this and other sites I struggle to see how they even think they might be fulfilling the final part of Hillel’s statement: ‘ומקרבן לתורה’ ‘and bringing them close to Torah’.

    3. Foolish liberal Jews. Their idiocy and ignorance is mind blowing. The Torah says, עם הדומה לחמור that the Arabs are wild beasts, פרא אדם please tell me how exactly can you make peace with wild beasts? But when you don’t believe in the Torah, everything goes. For 70 years they’re fighting Israel, and for 1400 years they’re killing Jews, now these liberal Jews think that they’ve come up with the magic formula of peace with theses savages?
      What is wrong with this world?

      • “For 1400 years killing Jews” Menachem Begin made Peace with Egypt and now they are our friends. 1 Million Muslims live in Brooklyn next door to Yiden and no fighting.

      • “For 70 years they are fighting Israel” Jordan stop fighting Israel after they made PEACE 40 years ago. “for 1400 years they are killing Jews” They were Christians Spain/Russia/Germany/Poland etc. Get some Education in History, unless you are afraid once become educated you are a LIBERAL.

        • Well, since you asked so nicely for an education, here goes. Under Islamic Rule, the Pact of Umar was introduced, which protected the Jews but also established them as inferior.
          Since the 11th century, there have been instances of pogroms against Jews. Examples include the 1066 Granada massacre, the razing of the entire Jewish quarter in the Andalucian city of Granada. In North Africa, there were many cases of violence against Jews in the Middle Ages, and in other Arab lands including Egypt, Syria and Yemen.
          Beginning in the 15th century, the Moroccan Jewish population was confined to segregated quarters known as mellahs, (the first Ghetto in the world actually).
          In cities, these were surrounded by walls and a fortified gateway.

          The Almohads, who had taken control of much of Islamic Iberia (Spain, for the uneducated) by 1172, were far more fundamentalist in outlook than the Almoravides, and they treated the dhimmis (second class citizens) harshly. Jews and Christians were expelled from Morocco and Islamic Spain. Faced with the choice of either death or conversion, some Jews, such as the family of Maimonides, (I’ll bet you never knew that) fled south and east to more tolerant Muslim lands, while others went northward to settle in the growing Christian kingdoms.
          In 1465, Arab mobs in Fez slaughtered thousands of Jews, (wow! I thought only Christians did that) leaving only 11 alive. The killings touched off a wave of similar massacres throughout Morocco.

          How’s that for a start?


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