Milan, Italy – Orthodox Jewish Man Stabbed in Italy


    Milan, Italy – A Jewish man was stabbed multiple times in the face outside of a pizza shop this evening in Milan, Italy. The victim was identified as Natan Graf, a husband and father in his 40s, and the son-in-law of longtime Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Levi Hezkia.

    “Thank G‑d, he’s not in danger,” said Rabbi Moshe Shaikevitz, director of Beit Chabad-Milan Jewish Center.

    The attack happened at 8:20 p.m. local time outside the Carmel Kosher Pizzeria in the heart of Milan’s Jewish neighborhood, mere meters away from a Jewish school.

    According to Shaikevitz, a number of young Israeli students standing not far from the scene heard the victim’s screams and came to his aid while the assailant, who they said appeared to be an Arab male, fled with a waiting accomplice. The attacker has not yet been apprehended.

    “There is always police protection outside the community school, the Chabad school, synagogues and other Jewish institutions, and there is also a local Jewish protection group,” explained Shaikevitz. “We all hope and pray nothing like this happens again.”

    Shaikevitz added that while there’s no general feeling that the Italian Jewish community will have to face circumstances similar to ones in nearby France or Denmark, “we have to be extra careful.”

    The victim’s family has requested that people say Psalms on behalf of Natan ben Chaya Sarah.

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    1. The reason for the stabbing is obvious. It is because of the Jewish military occupation of Milan. The horrible subjugation of all the Arabs by bearded Milan Chabad occupiers. The EU should relabel all products manufactured in the Jewish area of Milan.

      May he have a Refuah Sheleima!

    2. welcome to the new world order.this is the new reality for jews all over the world including america, so dont be suprised at these events because the warning signs are here just like before world war 2 ,anti -semitism is on steroids big time and we have to wake up big time and protect our families our shuls and our schools

    3. Thank you to those apologetic, weak, no morals liberals and progressives who have always been so politically correct that their brains have fallen out and allowed this muslim cancer to grow and metastasize. That inlcudes many different parties from all over the world, including Obama, Hillary also Bibi.

    4. It will never happen as long as Obama y”sh and the rest of his ilk retain any power in Washington. But we need to conduct a serious analysis about whether is a religion. The POTUS keeps leading the pack of liberal nutcases proclaiming that Islam is a religion of peace. That is a double lie. It has no interest in peace, and does not consider it a moral value. And it is also not a religion. It masquerades as one. Actually, it is a gang of thugs that use the language of a religion to promote itself. And it has captured the pea brains of the world, believing it stands for something worthy of being considered human. In reality, what is called Islam is, in reality, a herd of bloodthirsty animals. Whatever is not theirs, they will invade. In this century, the ways to accomplish this are by claiming to be refugees, pointing fingers at Israel (and Jews everywhere else) as the occupiers, sending their “refugees” to live, propagate, and eventually take over other countries. Treating them as humans has become dangerous and deadly. Talking about peace is comical. They need to be returned to the deserts where they came from. Maybe with a new POTUS, we can discuss this.


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