Israel – Four Wounded In Motzei Shabbos Stabbing Attack In Kiryat Gat, Police Catch Attacker After Four-hour-long Manhunt


    Medical personnel rush an Israeli man to the emergency unit at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon after he was wounded in a stabbing attack in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gat, on November 21, 2015. Four Israelis were stabbed in the terror attack. Photo by Edi Israel/Flash90 Kiryat Gat, Israel – Security forces caught the perpetrator of a stabbing terror attack in Kiryat Gat on Saturday night, after a evening-wide manhunt for the assailant.

    Four locals were wounded in the attack in the southern city Saturday evening before the assailant fled the scene.

    The youngest victim was described by Magen David Adom as a 13-year-old girl who was stabbed in the upper body. The paramedic service said that in addition to the teenage girl, two women aged 56 and 44 were moderately wounded, as was a 51-year-old man. Dr. Eli Ben-Valid, the head of the emergency room at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon said all four suffered upper body stab wounds.

    Nearly two hours after the stabbing, Southern District police said they were still searching for the assailant, and had set up roadblocks in and around the city and dispatched a helicopter to search from above.

    Police said they detained around 10 illegal Palestinian laborers found at construction sites near the scene of the attack.

    Around 8 p.m. police announced that a man from the Beduin village of Segev Shalom had been taken to hospital with light injuries, after he was beaten by a crowd of locals, apparently after he was mistaken for a possible attacker.

    MK Miki Zohar, a resident of Kiryat Gat, said “we are in a wave of terrorism that will not end on its own. Citizens of Israel are living
    like ducks in a hunting range.”

    Zohar called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to “go to war for the security of our citizens and crush the nests of murderers in order to bring quiet back to the residents of Israel.”

    The attack in Kiryat Gat comes two days after a man from Dura in the West Bank stabbed two Israeli civilians to death while they were attending an afternoon prayer service at an office building in south Tel Aviv.
    Medical personnel rush an Israeli woman to the emergency unit at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon after she was wounded in a stabbing attack in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gat, on November 21, 2015. Four Israelis were stabbed in the terror attack. Photo by Dotan Haim/Flash90
    The attack was not the only violent incident on Saturday. On Saturday evening a Palestinian man was shot and lightly wounded by IDF officers at the Oranit bus depot off Highway 5. The IDF Spokesman said soldiers called the man over for a security check and he “reacted violently,” and they shot at him.

    Earlier in the day, a Palestinian woman carrying a knife was arrested by Border Police officers next to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and taken into custody on suspicion of planning to stab security personnel or civilians at the site.

    The Border Police said Saturday afternoon that officers patrolling next to the Tomb of the Patriarchs saw a woman who seemed suspicious and called her to stop, but she ignored their calls. The woman, a resident of the village of Yata outside Hebron, continued towards a police post, until officers cocked their rifles and overpowered her.

    The Border Police said inside the woman’s bag they found a knife and they suspect that she was planning to attack officers at the site.

    On Friday afternoon near Abu Dis, a Border Police officer was lightly hurt when a Palestinian motorist veered towards him and hit his leg, in what police suspect was an attempted ramming attack.

    The officer was treated at the scene and evacuated to hospital.

    The motorist escaped the scene and has not been found, the Border Police said.

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    1. When will the world see that in all of the arab countries there isn’t one scientist of renown or any major innovation for the good of humanity only destruction and death.

    2. Anyone who studies history and yad Hashem will realize that the extreme shittahs of the religious zionists (led by Gush Emunim) under the leadership of R’ Tzvi Yehuda Kook, brought us to this dire and dangerous situation. After the wars in ’67 and ’73 the state would have come to peace agreements with the arab states (before Jordan even abdicated its status as representative of the Palestinian people to the PLO) if not for the intransigence and illegal activities of Gush Emunim. Our real leaders forsaw this and begged for a stop to the stupidity of the quest for a “greater israel” but Gush Emunim had a one track mind which included no respect for torah authority except for R’ tzvi yehuda. Jewish blood is on their hands.
      I’m aware that the ignorant will respond with their false zionist propaganda but a true study of history doesn’t allow for false narratives.

      • I am a Zionist but largely agree with your premise. Instead of taking part of the land, but having peace and waiting for Moshiach to sort things out, they decided to take all of it, with permanent war.

        • Maybe the real problem was the secular zionists back then, who could have easily gotten rid of the Arabs, since they were running away on their own. Instead of letting them go and helping them do it, they told them to stay and returned control of the Har Habayis and Meoras HaMachpeila to them.

          It should be pretty obvious to the most deniers, if they were intellectually honest, that Hashem gave us back the Land. Our foolishness was, that were didn’t take it and all of us return home. Maybe if we listened to Hashem, Moshiach would have come already.

          Instead of returning home, the Golus mentality Jew, who preferred living among Eisav, made no effort, which allowed the secularists a freer hand, now, all they have left to do is criticize those whose desire is to follow Hashem’s wishes.

          Just as prophesized, the fallow Land started to bloom when we were to return.home. Just like Golus Bavel, few listened and Hashem chastised them for it, as will happen now.

          So, stop being part of the problem, and be part of the solution and come home.. This is why we have problems these days.

          • Some kernels of truth in your argument but you have simplified a very complicated topic. To blame the frum Jews for not joining whole heartedly in the zionist enterprise ignores the fact that we answer to a higher authority than Herzl.


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