Rome – ‘Not In My Name’ Italy’s Muslims Rally Against Terrorism


    A girl holds a placard during a demonstration called "Not in my name" of Italian muslims against terrorism, in downtown Rome, Italy, November 21, 2015. The placard reads "Terrorism has no religion"..  REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini -Rome – Italian Muslims braved pouring rain to distance themselves from Islamist militants in rallies in Rome and other cities on Saturday.

    Under the banner “Not in my name,” hundreds gathered in a square in the center of the Italian capital where they held a minute’s silence for the victims of jihadist violence.

    Rome, like many European capitals, has ramped up security since the Nov. 13 attacks that killed 130 people in Paris.

    There have been isolated episodes of violence toward immigrants around Italy and right-wing politicians have called on the country’s Muslims to show their rejection of militancy.

    “These terrorist groups are only creating hate between peoples and between religions,” said Mustapha Hajraoui, president of the Italian Islamic Confederation.

    “We are here to say ‘no’ because our religion is not a religion of terrorism, it is not a religion of war but of peace and coexistence.”

    Marchers chanted “no to terrorism”, held placards saying “terrorism is a cancer” and “we are not the enemy”, and listened to a message of support from Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

    Numerous Italian politicians attended the event, including Khalid Chaouki, a deputy of Moroccan origin from the governing Democratic Party, who has been put under police protection due to repeated threats against him since the Paris attacks.

    Similar rallies were held in Milan and Genoa.
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    1. Sorry, but if a Muslim terrorists kill people, then they were killed by Muslims who follow Islam. If Naturei Karta kill people then it was Jews following Judaism. Just because people say it isn’t in our name doesn’t change the facts.

      • Boy, I didn’t view such a shortsighted comment as this one, in a long while.

        So, you are saying that when people who exhort religion in an warped way, are under the same category than it’s authentic followers?
        Try to rewind some Jewish history, of all the pretenders who promoted their Jewishness to further their hypocritical goals (Like Zionism for an instance) are like the genuine disseminators of it?

        This does not apply solely to religion, but to all ideas that percolate on this earth.

        If there are people who exploit the name of an idea than the need to be denounced.

      • “”a Muslim kills people, then they were killed by Muslims who follow Islam. If NK kills people..Jews following Judaism..” In this past year Muslims were kileed by Jews, burned alive etc. There is about 15 million Jews and Lohavdil 1.5 Billion Muslims. Are you trying to say that Judaism is worse than Muslim.

      • “If N K kill people then it was Jews following Judaism” Not one single NK people are indicted or sitting in Jail in Israel for Murdering Arabs. Every Jewish murderer in Jail or on Trial, from Rabins killer to the one who burned the arab boy alive are national/religious zionist. So what is your point? Are you saying that Zionist are murdereres? I hope not.

      • You are NOT “Normal” as your posting name would imply because a normal person would not post such racist and hateful comments. Just because some sick right wing settlers in EY kill and mutilate arabs or vandalize their property it doesn’t mean that all yidden in EY are sickos and violent extremists

    2. Hundreds turned out for the rally. Where were the tens of thousands other Muslims in Italy? The fact that only hundreds turned out is frightening. While not everyone goes to rallies, to have only hundreds turn out shows that most of those who did not turn out support terrorism.

      • “Hundreds turned out.. Where were the others..only 100s turn out shows that most who did not, support terroris…” Rabin was killed by a JEW. some Jews (maybe around 100) had a Peace rally for Rabin) 5million+ Jews did not turn out. Are you suggesting that we all support terrorism? Where is your “COMMON-SENSE”

      • Common sense is exactly right. There are approximately 1.55 million Muslims living in Italy. To have a few hundred show up ( I’m being generous) means you have less than 0.02% (that would give you 300). That is a joke, because from the pictures, it looks like maybe 50 people. These numbers are too low to really figure out. Basically, the majority of them support terror. But we already know that.

    3. What is it you guys want? You post again and again that all Muslims support the terrorists and are doing nothing to protest. When they protest, you complain about that. Is it that hard for you to accept that not all of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are bad?

      • “It is that hard for you to accept that not all of the 1.5 Billion Muslims are bad?” 800.000 Muslims live in Brooklyn next to 1.7 million Jews. No problem at all. NONE, ZERO

      • Nobody says 1.5 billion Muslims are bad but let’s say 250 million are. Wow that makes me feel a lot better!!! Go troll an Islamic site you brain dead liberal. Muslims are involved in most conflicts around the world and are being arrested in hundreds of Western cities. They protes by the thousands in hundreds of cities and university’s they are invited in thousands of schools and mosques. Do the math.

      • You are 1000% right. Muslims should denounce and protest against the killings. It’s that most normal folks blame the religion that these killers seem to follow. Just look around the world how much bloodshed is going on by Muslims.

    4. I meant to say that if NK for example, became even more mad and starting killing, then you cannot say they are not Jewish, and they still reflect badly on Jews. LIkewise, if Muslims kill, then I and the victims don’t really care if they are not really, truly doing what most people say Islam is. I am saying the murderers are still Muslims who follow Islam. It might be their version of Islam but they still follow Islam. Not rocket science. And just like 90% of Gazans voted for Hamas, I believe that deep down a high percentage of Muslims hate the west and secretly support killing Westerners. Have a look at the recent Trump statement that many Muslims in NJ were celebrating during 9/11. Google Muslims celebrating 9/11. In Australia a lot of taxi drivers are Muslims and they were tooting their taxi horns wen lined up at Melbourne Airport when it was happening. You can’t say they are also not representative of Islam And even if you do, what practical difference does it make after a massacre?


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