New York – CNN Erases Description Of Gray’s Mother As Heroin Addict


    New York – Following protests online, CNN removed a description of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray as “the son of an illiterate heroin addict” in a story posted about the first police officer about to go on trial for Gray’s death last spring while in police custody.

    Several tweets suggested that the reference amounted to victim blaming. Gray, who is black, died after being driven around in a police van in a case that drew wide attention to the issue of police treatment of minorities.

    The print story, originally posted Monday, was changed that evening to remove the description of Gray’s mother. In an editor’s note, CNN said the reference was deleted “because it appeared out of context.”

    CNN had no comment on Tuesday about the change. Gray is described in both versions of the story as a symbol of the black community’s distrust of police.

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    1. of course it would not due for people to know what kind of environment (or lack thereof) Freddie lived to explain why he acted in the manner in which he acted.

    2. it is completely irrelevant to have mentioned that his Mom was a Heroin addict, and it certainly does not give the police any reason to have killed him.

      I am an ex- drug addict, and specifically Heroin for 5 years. It destroys your life and can destroy your childrens life (i have 3 young kids). But children should never be referred to as child of a drug addict . Its not their burden to bear

      • Well it is relevant, and much more so, his criminal behavior is relevant, but of course not mentioned, because only black lives matter, so automatically the police are wrong!

        • no you are so wrong here. His criminal record has no relevancy here. He was already in police custody, this was not a situation where he might have been threatening lives on the street.

          the racism on this board is so blatant and horrific. Does the Torah not state that every person is Tzelem Elokim? Maybe there is a Gemarah I dont know about that says black people are not Tzelem Elokim


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