Brooklyn, NY – Man Who Called For ‘Arab Blood’ Is Arrested


    Brooklyn, NY – Police say a Brooklyn man who harassed four others and called for “Arab blood” has been arrested on a charge of menacing as a hate crime.

    Police arrested James Samways on the misdemeanor charge early Sunday in Brooklyn’s Marine Park neighborhood.

    Police say the 40-year-old Samways, yelling obscenities, first trailed the men as they walked Saturday night.

    They say Samways then approached them with what appeared to be a silver handgun and yelled: “I want to see Arab blood in the streets. I am an Israeli. Go back to Mecca.”

    Police say the men called 911. At least three of the four men are of Asian-Pacific descent. No weapon was recovered.

    Samways was in custody and unavailable to comment. A phone number listed to his Brooklyn address wasn’t in service.‎

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    1. Meanwhile the islamic pigs are calling for everyone elses blood and everyone is silent. Nowadays one is considered extreme just to want to survive in this self-destructive, suicidal world.

      • You think someone who threatens innocent people (most of whom were’nt even Arabs) “just wants to survive in this self-destructive, suicidal world”? Forget about the fact that your statement makes no sense, grammatically or on any other level. The real problem with you, as it is with so many other heimishe Yidden, is that you are so quick to judge others, to hate others, to justify hate crimes against others, all because they are different from you. I read more comments filled with prejudice, bigotry and racism on frum forums and message boards than I do on just about any other type of website. This is Torah?

    2. Arabs in Bay Ridge threatened me multiple times when I told a Latino cop about it, he said it was just their right to express themselves, I guess its only in reverse a problem.


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