Jerusalem – Haredi Protesters Riot On Heels Of Court-Ordered Autopsy In Shaken Baby Death


    Israeli police officers clash with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men during a protest against the autopsy of the Beit Shemesh Mayor infant who died on Thursday morning, seemingly as a result of being shaken, in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighbourhood on January 7, 2016. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 Jerusalem – On the heels of a court ordered decision that an autopsy be performed on an Orthodox infant who died after allegedly being shaken by a caregiver, Haredi protesters rioted in the streets of Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood and Beit Shemesh on Thursday, blocking roads and pelting police with rocks.

    The baby, who is the grandson of Beit Shemesh Mayor, Moshe Abutbul, died early Thursday following several days in the pediatric intensive care unit at Hadassah Ein Kerem.

    The child’s family attended the early morning court hearing on the autopsy, and has been granted a temporary stay pending the outcome of a 5 p.m. hearing before the High Court.

    Immediately following the court decision, dozens of Haredis took to the streets in protest, blocking traffic and clashing with police.

    While three have arrests have been made, police say no severe injuries have been reported.

    Following the court’s order, Mayor Abutbul said, “The real abuse is done now, the family is grieving.”
    Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul seen outside the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem on January 7, 2016, The Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered an autopsy on Beit Shemesh Mayor infant who died on Thursday morning, seemingly as a result of being shaken. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
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    1. Omg. Talk about taking things waaaay overboard. Someone please find employment for those hundreds of young men with too much time on their hands. And those cops gotta chillax.

      • Employment? B”H for these chareidim who have the courage to it the right way and prevent the secular government to go waaaay overboard with their anti-Torah cruelty.

        And as far as I heard, there were no pelting rocks whatsoever.

      • “Omg. Talk about taking things waaaay overboard…”

        So what do you feel would warrant a protest?

        I’m assuming you aren’t Jewish or maybe just not religious, but you obviously do not know what an autopsy does to the neshama (soul).

        I don’t know this person and I’m thousand of miles away, but as a fellow Jew I am extremely pained.

        There are very few things that I believe warrant a protest but this heinous act by this court is one of them. I was in Israel for a few years and never partook in a protest, but for this I would have.

        The only thing this autopsy (I hate even typing the word) accomplished is bringing more suffering to the already grieving family & the niftar.

        • Apparently YOU are familiar with what an autopsy does to the neshoma so why don’t you enlighten us.

          Assuming of course you aren’t going to tell us that the clean neshoma of a four month old baby is going to be punished and suffer for someone else’s sin of an autopsy having been conducted, if in fact it would be asur in this particular case, which is not at all clear based on the sketchy reporting in the article.

        • You are forgetting one major factor; this may very well have been a murder. What should be done, is work with a Rov to minimize any invasive acts on the niftar.

          I wouldn’t take up for the Police, as they can be very brutal. Everyone, including the Police and the community should act appropriately. Too many protests get violent, as does the Police.

        • I can bet half of these misguided frum bored people do not realize the facts.
          A frum child was likely MURDERED by the baby sitter. This type of death in not unknown and if they foolishly prevent the investigation it can happen again. I am sure they will try to do the investigation in a non invasive form.

        • The act of ordering an autopsy is heinous, but the murder by shaking this child is not?! What if the murderer kills another child he/she in his/her charge? Isn’t that probability more heinous?!

    2. Totally false reporting and I don’t expect a frum publication to post such info. I was at the protest, and not one rock was thrown from the chareidim and actually the police attacked the chareidim with sticks before they did anything they wer just walking and screaming “gevald”.

    3. I was there and sew something which I think shows how crazy and corrupt this country is and i don’t think this would happen in any western countries so I wanna share this story
      As these cops were arresting one of the protesters some American yungerman driving past sew and shouted out of his car to the cop saying why are you guys wasting your time arresting these people why don’t you go and find and arrest the terrorist who shot people in tel Aviv
      So this cop got insulted but knew he cant do anything about it so he pulled him over and asked him for a teudat zehut or passport and of course this guy didn’t have it on him because like anyone else no one carries it on him so he arrested him because in Israel you have to carry it
      Now come on do you really think this would happen in any western country even if there would be a lew in America to cary you passport they wont just get insulted and therefore arrest you for such stupid things
      And its definitely only because he got insulted because they don’t ever just pull over a guy and arrest him for not carrying a passport

      • cops are human beings too believe it or not

        if you insult them intentionally during a protest situation some might react-
        you push his button and he is within his right to push yours

        dont worry in boro park you would keep your mouth shut in front of the police

      • “in Israel you have to carry it” Dine d’malchuse Dine. Follow the law. If you don’t, you will get arrested. In the USA people get arrested for speeding all the time. If you brake the law ( Not having your passport with you ) and yell at a cop you are a gaylem. In the USA police shoots people for less than that.

        • How stupid.
          Speeding is sensible to get a fine and more then 30 over arrested but not carrying a Id is not from the laws that are enforced like in America the law is that any us citizens no meter where you live have to pay tax now they only enforce it for people who live In the us now the same with carrying a passport its not a law that is enforced like in Antwerp they also have this law and they don’t stam arrest people who don’t carry there id even if they insult a cop

    4. Throw rocks = 5 years in Jail. A rock is a dangerous projectile. You can’t pass a law for the Arabs and then don’t apply it to Jews. Everyone has a right to protest, sit in etc. but a rock……

    5. I just read, from another source, that the babysitter confessed. If that’s the case, how can the court justify an autopsy? They don’t need it for a conviction. What’s to be gained?

      I can understand a non invasive scan, just to have some evidence. The country should know better.

      • Ok Barry. I prosecuted a couple of hundred homicides over 30 years. At least in the US a confession is not the end all. Every defense attorney attacks it, sometimes successfully. The people have to prove the cause of death. As to the argument made earlier about what amounts to a virtual autopsy. Sometimes it shows what is being looked for sometimes not. Do people here truly believe that a murderer should go free rather than perform an autopsy?

        • deshat. Look at my first post, but if a non or minimally invasive approach gives the information needed, that should be done first.

          Also, the laws in Israel are different than the U.S., so what is needed here is the issue. Autopsy should be the very last option.

          OscarMadison: A so-called “Frum ” Jew, who is a murderer belongs in jail. Would you opt to give them a parade (if found guilty) instead? You must be joking!

    6. I am so sorry for the family of the baby, this is a terrible thing to happen. But these protests… it was bad enough my bus was re-routed because of this demo, but why on earth are they protesting in Jerusalem?

      Re autopsies, Israel invented the full body scanner that can determine cause of death, so why not just agree to use that instead of invasive practices. Not everything has to be determined by the courts; if only common sense would prevail.

    7. Amazing. Massive protests for kavod hameis. But isn’t it kavod hameis to determine if the child was murdered? Isn’t the strong possibility that there is a person in the business of child care who may be free to murder again if the autopsy is not done more important than kavod hameis? Isn’t vachai bahem much more important than kavod hameis?!

    8. Autopsies:

      Some things need a microscopic examination of tissue.
      Some things are smaller than the resolution of a scanner.

      Not everything shows with the needed clarity on CAT or MRI scanners.


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