Brooklyn, NY – Top Parking Ticket Officer In NYC Hands Out A Whopping 19,000 Summonses In 2015


    FILE -  53 year-old Arnous Morin(facebook)Brooklyn, NY – According to city records, the top parking ticket-writing officer for New York City handed out an astonishing 19,000 summonses in 2015, averaging a ticket every 9 minutes and 45 seconds. ( reports that the ticket-writing champ, 53 year-old Arnous Morin, bested the city’s No. 2 parking enforcer by 4,000 summonses and says he owes his title to his relentless commitment to enforcing the city’s parking ordinances to the letter of the law.

    “Never, never. It’s never OK to break the law,” Morin said. “The law is hard, but it’s the law. You can’t break the law for any reason.”

    The Haiti-born Morin generated about $1.2M in ticket revenues for the city in 2015, mainly covering the streets of Sunset Park, Park Slope, Bay Ridge and Coney Island.

    “I have the whole of Brooklyn South in my head,” Morin said.

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    1. Really the law is the law? Why don’t you look alittle harder at the muni meter receipt before you write a ticket? I’ve fought and had dismissed atleast two dozen tickets this year because of careless people like him that can’t bother to look alittle harder at the paper on the dash. 1.2 million – and he’s just one guy , the number 2 guy “only” wrote 15,000. I think there needs to be an outside audit of this guys ethical performance.

      • good observation, and great chance that what you suggest would ever happen.

        Also, you’re lying that you had over two dozen tickets dismissed “because of careless people like him that can’t bother to look a little harder at the paper on the dash”.

        what a ridiculous, arrogant and totally implausible claim! like over two dozen meter maids “misread” your receipts this year and you won you disputes fighting these with the PVB? Bull****!!!

      • how is it abuse of authority if he’s doing his job ? the article says he waits 5 minutes before even giving a ticket ! you sound really pathetic & butt hurt ! yah’ll are acting LIKE the guy is shooting innocent people & getting away with it like those other crazy cops! HE is a traffic agent for God’s sake! sounds to me like he’s just doing his job & so happens to be good at it ! how come his dismissal rate is very low? obviously the tickets are legit ! I live in Brooklyn & its a hell to ever find parking ! I have gotten parking tickets before but admit I was at fault ! GIVE THE GUY A RAISE & stop bashing him ! you all are so ignorant with those pathetic comments

      • sure, 50% are fake…

        fake how? what should be investigated? were any of them dismissed as being fake? or did tens of thousands of people all pay for “fake” tickets?

      • Here is how he did: he usually gives you tickets after streets has cleaned but the non-parking time is not expired yet or near expired. For example, my street cleaning time is 8am-10am, after 8am, one of the car didn’t move out; this officer may not issue a ticket because that is too little to him. In order to issue more tickets, he willl moving around few streets, and wait after those streets has cleaned, then come back around 30 minutes of less before the non-parking time expired, then he issue tickets to cars that didn’t moved out after 8am, and gives tickets to those cars parked back after the street that has cleaned but the non-parking time was not expired yet. By this way, he became working less but to produce more tickets in a small area. That was the real reason his wise guy became the top parking ticket-writing officer of NYC by performing trickily and hostilely to our neighborhood!

    2. Came to the U.S.A. from Gyanna in 2005. started working for city 6 months later. They should check if he had green card, legal working permits. Only received his citizenship 6 months ago. Anyone who repeatedly says that we have to deal legally is likely to be an ILLEGAL.

      • why is any of this YOUR business?

        and why would anyone investigate him because YOU complained in VIN? if you’re so sure, sue the PVB and the ticket writer and see what happens to you.

    3. Enforcing the law is one thing. The laws themselves are not there to protect businesses or to help the customers trying to shop. They are there for one single purpose – to criminalize normal behavior so that the city can generate revenue. That is plainly immoral.

      • enforcing the law is the only thing here.

        illegal parking is not “normal behavior”, and there is nothing immoral about writing tickets for illegally parked cars.

        what a stupid comment!

        • You stay anonymous for a good reason. There is no reason to take pride in what you consider intellect. The comment #12 was not about this man. It was about many of the parking regulations. So many of them are arbitrary, and many of them are simply archaic. 15 feet from either direction of a hydrant? This mattered when fire trucks did not pump, and needed their trucks to be parked next to the hydrant. This has not been the case for decades. Several feet for access – certainly. 15 – nothing but a fund raiser. No parking for large stretches near a shul – ridiculous. There are many randomly labeled no parking anytime spots that are there for one reason only – fund raisers. The comment was not about this agent. It was about the laws that are not there to assist the community but to make parking illegal for no reason other than to ticket and make money. That is immoral. Do you understand now, or shall I explain it again?

      • you sound pretty high yourself ! you’re probably popping molly right now while being a useless hating internet thug ! I’m pretty sure some mc donnald is hiring ! or do you even have a high school diploma ? you sound really butt hurt

    4. The law is the law this ticket people are lowlifes have my car ticketed and towed for no reason got the ticket dismissed but go fight City Hall to get your money back for the towing and storage fees he is what he is a lowlife in my opinion

      • he’s a lowlife because he has a job and you don’t?

        why was your car towed in the first place?

        and how would that make this agent a lowlife?

        stop blaming others for your attempts to beat the system. I hate getting tickets, too, but you get caught, you get caught. you’re immature to shoot the messenger, so to speak. park legally and you won’t have a problem.

      • he’s not writing tickets in the 1970’s, that’s the secret. do you live in a cave?

        they have handheld computers that print the tickets out for many years now. stop writing comments and get out of your house a little more.

    5. At least he does not decide. Drive down Nostrand Ave and observe. All the agents give warnings to their black friends, never a ticket even in a No Standing area.

      • you’re a racist pig, and your allegation is untrue. almost all parking tickets are issued to empty cars.

        and by the way, not all Black people are friends with each other. how did you get so incredibly ignorant?

      • Very funny;you sound like a 5 yr old ! you must be a Native Indian; cause last time I checked, this land doesn’t belong to any of us ! you sound really butt hurt telling people to go back !

    6. To all the ticket complainers:
      Imagine there will be no traffic enforcement in Borough park, i would be now stuck in traffic on 13th ave shopping for Passover 2013….

    7. Well i dont know if he wrote illegal tickets or not but sadly this whole thing of ticket writing has nothing to do these days about enforcing the law but rather about bringing in money to the city. And in order to fill in the proto call alot of agents have written tickets that should have been dismissed in first place for them endangering peoples lives just to write those tickets

    8. The reason people hate these guys is that they treat you like an animal. Even if you have a defense they don’t care to even talk to you. They simply look you in the eye, leave the ticket and move on to the next ticket. Now, you have to put the time to send in proof of your defense and possibly go to court to deal with it. They are like computerized machines, with no human component.


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