New York – NY Pols Miss Sheldon Silver’s Annual Kosher Breakfast Spread Before Governor’s Address


    FILE -  New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (R) helps National Guard troopers load food and water onto trucks to distribute to those in need after effects of Hurricane Sandy in New York, New York, USA, 01 November 2012.  EPA/ANDREW GOMBERTAlbany, NY – Despite the fact that ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver left office in disgrace and is facing possible jail time on corruption charges, it didn’t stop some New York pols from saying they missed the annual Kosher breakfast spread the former political kingpin laid out before the governor’s “State of the State Address.” ( reports that reviews were largely mixed on the menu new Speaker Carl E. Heastie provided, leaving many longing for the Kosher feast they’d become accustomed to under Silver’s leadership.

    One attendee said, ““A big tradition in Albany, before the governor’s State of the State address, is the breakfast served by the assembly speaker. For the past decade, Sheldon Silver won high praise for the sumptuous kosher spread he laid out.”

    “People feasted on bagels and lox and talked politics, it was a hoot!” another source said. “New Speaker Carl E. Heastie served a lavish spread that wasn’t in the kosher tradition . . . Bacon, sausage and ham were on the menu.”

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      • Firstly, whatever you wanna say about shelly he was a big mentsch too. Even if he steered money to his law firm that does not make him not a mentsch..
        Secondly, he was not corrupt. He did what every polyican was legally allowed to do. He was convicted because 1) the jury was too stupid to discern the difference between whats legal and whats illegal. Secondly the judge forced the undecided juror to make a decision despite her uncertainty.

        • so you are blaming “the system” sounds like you and Sharpton have a lot in common. Shelly is as corrupt as they come, I hope they give him 10 years.

        • “Firstly, whatever you wanna say about shelly he was a big mentsch too. Even if he steered money to his law firm that does not make him not a mentsch..”

          Donating stolen gelt does NOT make him a mentsch.

    1. Big deal. My tax dollars don’t have to pay for all his kosher meals for his buddies. Most of them are goyim who don’t need to eat expensive kosher food. I bet it cost thousands of dollars to feed them all. As much as his custom suits and vacations cost. Bye bye ——>


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