Washington – Quarter Of Republicans Think Cruz’s Birthplace Disqualifies Him For President: Poll


    Republican U.S. presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz waves to the crowd at the Fox Business Network Republican presidential candidates debate in North Charleston, South Carolina, January 14, 2016. REUTERS/Chris KeaneWashington – A quarter of Republicans think White House hopeful Ted Cruz is disqualified to serve as U.S. president because he was born in Canada to an American mother, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

    Republican voters nearly mirror independents and the broader electorate in their belief that Cruz cannot hold the White House, with 27 percent of all voters and 28 percent of independents responding he should be disqualified.

    Cruz, a U.S. Senator from Texas who was born to a U.S. citizen mother and Cuban father in Calgary, Alberta, has brushed aside the attacks about his eligibility as pure politics. But the questions could hamper his ability to rally the broad Republican support he would need to win the party’s nomination to run for the presidency in November’s election.

    Only 47 percent of all voters surveyed responded that they thought Cruz is qualified to be president with regard to his citizenship, with 26 percent saying they were not sure.

    The poll was taken from Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, before questions about Cruz’s eligibility became one of the most heated moments of Thursday night’s Republican primary debate.

    New York businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump has made questions about Cruz’s eligibility a regular attack line on the campaign trail and the debate stage.

    “I already know the Democrats are going to be bringing a suit. You have a big lawsuit over your head while you’re running, and if you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office?” Trump said during Thursday night’s debate. “So you should go out, get a declaratory judgment, let the courts decide.”

    But Cruz tried to use Trump’s own previous words against him in response.

    “Back in September, my friend Donald said that he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was nothing to do this,” Cruz said. “Since September, the Constitution hasn’t changed, but the poll numbers have.”

    Trump became a conservative darling in 2011 when he repeatedly questioned President Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, insisting that the president may have been born in another country and demanding to see his birth certificate.

    Obama was born in Hawaii. It made Trump one of the most well-known “birthers,” a term used to describe those who insisted Obama had been born elsewhere.

    The constitutional issue at question is the requirement that a president be a “natural born” citizen.

    Cruz, 45, has argued that because he became a citizen at the time he was born, that makes him qualify as natural born. But his opponents argue that at the time of the writing of the Constitution, natural born would have required being born on American soil.

    U.S. Senator John McCain, who ran as the Republican nominee in 2008, was born in Panama, but argued he met the requirement because his birth took place on a U.S. military installation, which is the same as American soil.

    The poll, which has a confidence interval of 5 percentage points, posed two questions to two separate polls of voters. One group was asked about Cruz’s eligibility. The other half was asked a generic question about the eligibility of anyone born in Canada with an American parent.

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    1. This is a matter of law…not opinion polls. If Cruz is qualified to run legally…that should end the arguments, and the birther crazies should just move on to their next irrational hysteria..and I say this as a Bernie Sanders supporter who thinks Cruz is dangerous.

      • “This is a matter of law..not opinion polls” Sorry but you are wrong. When this people going to vote only their opinion will matter not the law. The law will come in play if he gets elected and sued.

      • “Cruz is dangerous.”

        Extremely so. In addition to being heavily involved in נוצרי Dominionism, which preaches that נצרות must be the national religion of America ח״ו, his insane father has said that his son is the “anointed King,” whatever that is supposed to mean. Having Cruz, an extremist evangelical Messianist fanatic, in the White House with his finger on the button is no less than suicidal. Cruz is much more frightening than even Trump. Why so many Frum Jews are for Cruz is only a sign of their ignorance when it comes to the political arena.

    2. Interesting how many Americans weren’t at all concerned about the current Kenya-born president with a Muslim father, who has since shown very clearly where his loyalties lie.

      • As a follow up to my comment #:

        You are the perfect example of a partisan birther nut….driven solely by ideological partisanship…not knowing, caring, or respecting that this is a straight forward legal question.

      • Interesting how many Americans weren’t at all concerned about the current Kenya born President. Are you kidding? It was on the news every single day and no doubt millions didn’t vote for him for that reason. He won by a landslide 2 times anyway.

      • Oh, shut up already with this long debunked nonsense. Even Trump got off that bandwagon. As a conservative Republican frum Jew, I’m embarrassed every time a moron like you posts crud like this on frum websites. Don’t you realize the only people still peddling this are out-and-out conspiracy nuts, many if not most of whom are huge Jew-haters who also believe the Mossad orchestrated 9/11 and killed JFK.

    3. Well, the ‘original constitutionalists’ think Cruz is NOT natural born, so is not qualified. They also think the 2nd Amendment is for a ‘well regulated militia’ only…

    4. To #2 and #5-Your idiotic conspiracy theories that Obama was born in Kenya, has long ago been debunked. In addition to the official birth certificate from the state of Hawaii, there was a witness whose son was born on the same day, and in the hospital as Obama. She saw Obama in the hospital baby nursery. She knew it was him, as there were no other Blacks in the hospital at the time, and practically none living in Oahu in 1961.

    5. Let’s analyze the language; the words read “natural born citizen”. Now obviously it doesn’t disqualify one if born not “naturally”, but through a C section. But if it meant that you have to be born in the USA, it should have said that; “born on US soil”, therefore it must mean that when born, you must be a Citizen at birth, not become Naturalized later, hence the term “natural born citizen”. So if 1 of your parents are US Citizens makes you a US Citizen, (which everyone agrees is the case) then Cruz qualifies.

      Anyone disagree?


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