Jerusalem – Mother-In-Law Of Monday Stabbing Victim Speaks Out; Says “Expelling” Families Of Terrorists To Gaza Is Only Solution


    Portrait of Hadassah Froman. February 17, 2015. Photo by Nati Shohat/FLASH90Jerusalem – The mother-in-law of a pregnant Israeli woman who is in stable and moderate condition at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem following stab wounds suffered in a terrorist attack in the West Bank on Monday has spoken out, saying that she believes “expelling” the families of terrorists to Gaza is the only solution to the ongoing problem. ( reports that Rebbetzin Hadassah Froman, widow of the late peace advocate Rabbi Menachem Froman, said she learned about her daughter-in-law’s stabbing while attending the funeral of Dafna Meir, a 39 year-old mother of six who was brutally murdered by Arab terrorists during a home invasion in Otneil on Sunday.

    “We are in a very difficult situation,” Froman said. “Something here is being split open, something in this madness to go out and stab people. It’s endangering our personal security. I am actually very close to the world of the Palestinians. Every day I’m in contact with activists on the Palestinian side and with people who want this situation to become a sane one and want coexistence.”

    “Precisely because of that,” Froman added. “We need to be very clear and to the subject. From my familiarity with the situation on the ground, it is very clear to me that until the families of terrorist’s are expelled from here to Gaza, [the terror] will not stop. There are things that foment [terror] in the area and there are things that can block it.”

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    1. Chinese President Xi Jinping is traveling today to the Middle East, and he will be visiting Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Besides signing billions of dollars of bilateral trade agreements, high on his agenda is the ISIS threat, something he is dealing with daily in his own country in the predominantly Muslim province of Xinjiang.
      This is the first time a Chinese President is visiting the Mideast, and considering the relationship China has with Israel, Xi Jinping, will be using his economic clout with the Arab states to obliterate the terrorist threat step by step, both on the collective level, and the lone terrorist level, which may include Rebitzin Fromans suggestion of deporting all terrorist families to Gaza as well. (In China all accomplices who knew about a terrorists plan are as guilty as the terrorist and get punished once with the death penalty!)
      In any case China will also ascertain that these Arab states he is visiting no longer do any oil business with the ISIS regime, just as China was instrumental in reigning in the North Korean and Iranian non proliferation nuclear treaties, even though the USA takes the credit! Let’s hope that Xi Jinpings visit is a prelude to a visit to Israel, where he can meet with Israeli top security leaders, and teach them how to curb and eradicate terrorism, without the presence of the media, the social media, or journalists.

    2. Until we acknowledge that the death penalty is a just manner of combating crime, we will wallow in the liberal b.s. that has plagued this country and many other western nations. Deportation is a weak slap on the wrist. The family should be returned to their parent country in body bags.

      Someone suggested here that each and every attempt at an act of terror should result in immediate death penalty of some number of Palestinians in jail for terror involvement. We should all second that motion.


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