London – Cutting-Edge New Stem Cell Therapy Yielding “Miraculous” Results For MS Patients


    London – A cutting-edge new stem cell therapy is achieving “miraculous” results in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, leaving many able to walk again while showing signs that the disease has been stopped dead in its tracks. ( reports that the trials, which are being conducted at Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and Kings College Hospital in London, involve stripping down the patient’s immune system through the use of high doses of chemotherapy and then using stems cells taken from the patent’s own blood to rebuild it.

    One patient involved in the trials, 25 year-old Holly Drewry from Sheffield, said she had been wheelchair bound since the birth of her daughter two years ago.

    “I couldn’t walk steadily,” Drewry said. “I couldn’t trust myself holding her (Isla) in case I fell. Being a new mum I wanted to do it all properly but my MS was stopping me from doing it.”

    Drewry said that within days of starting her treatments she started to see dramatic changes.

    “I walked out of the hospital. I walked into my house and hugged Isla. I cried and cried. It was a bit overwhelming. It was a miracle,” Drewry said.

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        • Taxpayer funded, government supervised university labs – that’s who. Then, when the university professors find something, they sell-out to Big Pharma, and the taxpayer gets nothing back on the government investment. The universities have begin to wise up and demand their cut.


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