Des Moines, IA – Fox Says Trump Demanded $5 Million Donation


    U.S. Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks at a veteran's rally in Des Moines, Iowa January 28, 2016. REUTERS/Rick WilkingDes Moines, IA – The Latest on developments from the 2016 Republican race for president, less than a week out from the Iowa caucuses (all times local):

    Fox News Channel says Donald Trump demanded a $5 million contribution to his charities in order to appear in Thursday night’s debate, which the network rejected.

    Fox News says Chairman Roger Ailes, in conversations with Trump, “acknowledged his concerns” about a statement the network had made in the days leading up to the debate.

    The network and the presidential contender had been feuding since Trump demanded Megyn Kelly be removed as a debate moderator.

    Trump was holding a competing event in Iowa.

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    1. What a great negotiator. Asking 5 million and after negotiations he got 0 ZERO. He couldn’t get $ 10.000 out of Fox and he will get the Mexicans build the wall and pay for it?

    2. T rump, if the media isn’t friendly, he ain’t willing. So if he becomes president and has a press conference, if the media isn’t friendly, will they be excluded too?
      Most likely!
      Good bye freedom of the press….

      • “If he becomes President…will the media be excluded…” Not if they pay the 5 million. He is smarter than Bill Clinton ever be. He is charging 200.000/hour . Trump is charging 5 million even before he is elected. Capitalism at it’s best.

    3. I personally dont think he wanted them to give 5million..rather was looking for n excuse to skip it.. so dont compare your wall or so. .and yes i think he could make them pay for it…or make a kind off tax/toll for bypass.. so that equals paying for it

    4. In an other point of view..
      U would as well run away from a nudge.
      & that’s What he felt like by fox..
      Not to compare having to deal with whatever else…

    5. To #1- Regarding your brilliant and scholarly statement, kindly note that Trump raised $6,000,000, for the veterans, which is 1 million dollars more than was allegedly requested of Fox. Roger Aisles met his Waterloo this time. It is time for Rupert Murdoch to retire Roger Aisles, and bring in someone with a little more sachel, than that dictator.

      • “Regarding your brilliant and scholarly statement” Thanks for the complements. So he negotiated with Fox for 5 million. Got ZERO. He gave 6 million to the veterans. Maybe he is GREAT to raise money for charity but he failed to show us his negotiating skills. Lets elect him for SLUACH of the Year, not for President. Its not the same.

        • Donald Trump says his foundation has raised $5 million for veterans ahead of a rally he’d holding as he boycotts the final GOP debate before Monday’s Iowa caucuses.
          In an interview with reporters on his plane before his Thursday night event at Drake University, Trump said he’s putting up $1 million of his own money that many of his wealthy friends are giving large-dollar contributions as well.

          Before you knock him please let us know how much you have raised or donated to this great cause…..

        • He raised $6 mil for veterans. FIX News would’ve given only 5 and they turned it down. How much have u raised for anything? Your hate has caused you to be as blind as a Communist named Bernie.


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