Israel – Celebrity Rabbi Pinto Goes To Prison For Bribery


    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto seen entering Nitzan prison on february 16, 2016, beginning a one year prison term for attempted bribery. Photo by Flash90Israel – A spokeswoman for Israel’s prison service says a celebrity rabbi with a following in the United States has reported to prison to begin a one-year sentence for bribery.

    Spokeswoman Sivan Weizman says Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto arrived to a prison in central Israel on Tuesday.

    Pinto was sentenced last year after he pled guilty in a plea bargain. He admitted to offering bribes in 2012 to receive classified information on a police investigation into one of his charitable organizations.

    Pinto is considered one of Israel’s wealthiest rabbis. The great-grandson of a famous Moroccan-born mystic known as the Baba Sali, he amassed his fortune while serving as a spiritual guru to the rich and powerful in Israel, New York and elsewhere.

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    1. Perhaps Rabbi Pinto can petition to be moved to the same prison as Olmert so that he will have a chavruta with whom to learn. As they used to say in the old country…a shandeh!

      • A shandeh for Israel and their injustice system, judging one-sided while the other side is dead and refusing to see the evidence.

        For those who don’t know it, Rabbi Pinto is a tzadik kadosh who would never bribe anyone for any reason as the police who died admitted. But those corrupt reshaim who call themselves judges wouldn’t hear of it. How else can they imprison holy Jews?

        I hope Hashem is will revenge the chillul Hashem they’re making.

          • #7&17; He admitted giving Bracha money because he asked him to lend him some as he was in desperate need, but he did not do it as bribe! Bracha himself admitted it to the judges. You and others prefer believing leftist lies and enjoy motzi shem ra. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth against a tzaddik gamar.

            #8 The government made a chillul Hashem and a huge one for arresting someone who’s 100% innocent. Rabbi Pinto shlit”a has money which he lend/gave to many people, including chilonim. And that was his mistake! Bracha borrowed money and Rabbi Pinto innocently gave it to him with a smile, never dreaming what this chiloni rasha has up his sleeve – making up lies about it to the authority. Why do you think Bracha took his life? He realized that the truth is coming out and he couldn’t face it. However, since he died the judges refused to listen to any testimony any evidence and truth. Hence, Rabbi Pinto was taken to jail to please the judges.

            #11 You were probably just born if you “know” so much about Israel’s “righteousness”. LOL!

            #5&12; Said it well.

            #14 Halevai you should merit giving at least 1/2 the half the amount of tzaddakah Rabbi Pinto shlit”a does.

        • “Pinto was sentenced last year after he pled guilty in a plea bargain…”

          Which is it? He’s guilty? Or he had no betuchen that Hashem would allow his innocence to prevail?

    2. Just curious how does it work in EY? Is it like the states? Can you get out on 2/3 time with good behavior? Can you spend the last few months via sleeping iin an out house at nights while doing your thing during the day like in the USA. Both things should knock i down to six months or so.

    3. The Israeli self appointed Liberal Ashkenazi judges, Are very joyous to send defendants like Rabbi Pinto to jail, not only is Rabbi Pinto a chareidi but he is also Sefardic and on top on it, has been extremely successful and counted among his followers top wall street financiers, If not for his ailments, The Israeli ‘justice ‘ system didn’t see a reason as to why not sending to prison for at least 3 to 4 years, which is the average the Shas party officials,

    4. My brother in law gave him millions of dollars and nothing worked. Also, many friends have given him tons of gelt with no results. I wouldn’t give him a cent for his “blessings.” Who believes his nonsense that if you give him a lot of cash, good things will happen?


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