Miami, FL – Days After Announcing Suicide Attempt On Facebook, Orthodox Florida Man Kills Himself In Deliberate Turnpike Crash


    Miami, FL – A 26 year old Miami Beach man with a history of depression died last night in a wrong way collision on a Florida interstate, just days after he announced a previous attempt to take his own life in exactly the same way on Facebook.

    Tzvi Ference was heading northbound in the southbound lanes of the Florida Turnpike in his 2009 Hyundai Accent when he crashed into a tractor trailer. The accident took place in Broward County south of the south of Griffin Road exit just before midnight last night, as reported by the Sun-Sentinel.

    Ference’s car flipped over from the force of the impact while the tractor trailer jack-knifed and hit a guardrail on the west shoulder of the busy highway. Ference was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. Both the driver of the tractor trailer and his passenger escaped without injury.

    Mark Rosenberg of Florida’s Chesed Shel Emes told VIN News that Ference had been driving with no headlights at the time of the accident. Rosenberg said that he is hopeful that the body will be released shortly and that Chesed Shel Emes members will be able to clean Ference’s car so that the levaya can take place as soon as possible.

    Ference’s spoke openly about suffering from depression on his Facebook page. A post written just three days ago talked about Ference’s previous suicide attempts. Ference described his most recent attempt which took place last Wednesday night, with Ference planning to drive into a truck as he drove the wrong way on the Turnpike.

    “I was so overwhelmed that I made up my mind that this was it,” posted Ference. “I was going to quit life once and for all. This time for good. I was more determined than ever in my life to commit suicide. I started driving down 195 from Miami Beach and then headed North on 95 ready and determined to get onto the Florida turnpike [sic] and drive the wrong way against traffic and crash my car head on into a truck and kill myself. 15 minutes after I started driving I was almost onto the turnpike. I started saying ‘Shema yisroel Hashem elokeinu Hashem echad.’ First slowly then fast and over and over again. I was overcome with such emotion that I started crying. Crying hysterically to Hashem to help me. To help me with the pain. I was crying so hard and there were so many tears. I pulled over at the entrance to the turnpike and cried non stop for over 10 minutes. That’s the power of faith. That’s the power of Shema. Whenever your [sic] in need and feeling overwhelmed just starting Shema. It helps. Trust me. Hashem listens. A simple prayer. But a powerful one.”

    Ference’s 22-year-old sister, Bracha Ference, told the Sentinel that her brother had battled depression since he was 16 and had been in therapy and on medication to help with the disorder.

    “He definitely had been going through his ups and downs,” she told the paper.

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