Washington – Obama: Trump Doesn’t Know Much About Foreign Policy, World


    President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference at the conclusion of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, Friday, April 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)Washington – U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday that Donald Trump’s recent comments that South Korea and Japan should acquire nuclear weapons show the leading Republican presidential candidate is not well informed on international relations.

    Trump told The New York Times in an interview published on Sunday that he would consider letting the countries build their own nuclear weapons, rather than having them count on U.S. protection against North Korea and China.

    Obama has made no secret of his disdain for the billionaire businessman, and he continued that theme with his repudiation of Trump’s pronouncements.

    “What do the statements you mentioned tell us?” Obama told reporters at a news conference at the conclusion of a nuclear security summit. “They tell us that the person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean peninsula, or the world generally.”

    Obama said Trump’s candidacy had come up as a topic with world leaders on the sidelines of the summit, and he lamented the state of the Republican race.

    “Even … those countries that are used to a carnival atmosphere in their own politics want sobriety and clarity when it comes to U.S. elections because they understand the president of the United States needs to know what’s going on around the world,” he said.

    Obama took apart Trump’s positions point by point.

    The U.S. alliance with Japan and South Korea was one of the cornerstones of America’s presence in the Asia Pacific region and had underwritten peace and prosperity there, he said.

    The relationship had been a boon to U.S. commerce and influence in addition to preventing nuclear escalation and conflict, he added.

    “You don’t mess with that. It is an investment that rests on the sacrifices that our men and women made back in World War II when they were fighting throughout the Pacific,” Obama said.

    “We don’t want somebody in the Oval Office who doesn’t recognize how important that is.”‎

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    1. In today’s interview with Bob Woodward, Washington Post, Trump predicted a major U.S. recession coming soon, led by Wall Street losses. His fear mongering will upset markets, make Americans hate Wall St even more and is pessimistic. Great leadership by Herr Trumpf.

      • Your insinuation is disgusting. A Jew should know better. Trump may not be qualified to be President, but even after 7 years, neither is Obama. You don’t have to support someone to be intellectually honest about any given situation and to be objective about them.

    2. I don’t think people care, people are so sick of the situation here at home that day heit deff to reason

      Obama has himself to blame …..he both Congress and the Senate and what did he do? He spent a trillion dollars on stimulus that did almost nothing and push their health card reform that sucks

      • This egomaNiac has some nerve, if not for the color of his skin, he would never have been nominated president. If not for affirmative action, he’d never have gotten through Harvard…why won’t he release his college transcripts? Because we might just find out he’s not the “genius” liberals love to tout him as??? We already know that without his trusted TelePrompTer, all he can say is “uh….and uh….uh….”

    3. I’m not sure about Trump’s knowledge of foreign policy. But the messenger here is so totally clueless about foreign policy, as indicated in the brainless garbage he has imposed on the world in the last 7 years. One place to never look for an opinion about international politics is Obama and anyone who served in his administration. It will take a long time to correct the disastrous damage that he inflicted on America, its allies, and the rest of the world.

      • Indeed. From the anti Semite who cozies up to Castro, Iran and the other muslim terrorists, while alienating Israel, our long standing ally, Israel.

    4. The President is probably right. After all, if there is anyone who is an expert in knowing not much about foreign policy, it is indeed President Obama.


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