New York – Commercial Kosher Kitchen Goes Up In Flames In Massive Brooklyn Blaze


    About 200 firefighters respond to a 5-alarm warehouse fire at Parkside Ave & Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn. (Aaron Berger/, NY – Three industrial kosher kitchens were completely destroyed in a five alarm fire that swept through a Prospect Lefferts Gardens warehouse for hours.

    The blaze begin last night just before 11 PM at Greenfelds, located a block and a half away from Kings County Hospital Center and SUNY Downstate Medical Center, at 640 Parkside Avenue.

    More than 200 firefighters responded to the scene, but according to CBS News, they were ordered out of the building because of the intensity of the flames. Crews battled the fire, likely fueled by cooking oils inside the building, by dousing the roof with water.

    It took firefighters approximately seven hours to get the flames under control and the cause of the blaze is still under investigation.

    One firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation and a civilian who was removed from the scene on a stretcher was conscious and receiving oxygen. Due to the severity of the fire and the presence of combustible liquids on premises, the FDNY is keeping a truck on scene for the rest of the day.

    Manager Joel Landau of Greenfelds said that the company had moved into the building just after Pesach 2015. The building had been newly equipped with a one room milchic kitchen and two larger kitchens, one fleishic and one pareve, each consisting of a refrigerator, a prep room, a hot kitchen, a chilling area, a cooling refrigerator and a packing area.

    Greenfeld prepares food for a variety of kosher food companies and caterers under the rabbinical supervision of the Nirbater Rov.

    “We do commercial, retail and wholesale, starting from ten portions to 20,000 portions,” Landau told VIN News.

    Landau said that the kitchens are a total loss. Greenfelds’ adjacent Crown Cold Storage, which is equipped with freezers used by others in the kosher food business, appears to have not sustained serious damage.

    The Explore Charter School which serves 540 children from kindergarten through eighth grade and is located directly across the street from Greenfelds opened on time for classes this morning.

    The fire at Greenfelds was the second five alarm fire in New York City in less than twelve hours.

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      • You seem to possess knowledge of fire prevention technology. I guess you should realize that sprinklers are worth nothing for fires of this size. When have you ever seen automatic fire extinguishers besides as gas stations? I have never seen one anywhere else. So please explain.

        • Even the largest fires start out small. Commercial Cooking Equipment Fire Suppression Systems are the law in most places that do commercial cooking. So that if a fire starts out on the stove beneath the hood, wet chemicals normally will immediately shoot out of the pipes built into the hood and surrounding area and extinguish the fire. I’m sure the Fire Marshalls will be going over this place with a fine tooth comb.

        • I am not sure if sprinklers help in such a massive fire BUT, of course there are rules and specific types of sprinklers usually used in commercial kitchens.
          Lately, larger Jewish businesses do these things right, I will bet they did it all by the books.

      • Take it easy, With personal knowledge to this facility, yes there was a state of the art sprinkler system in place, approved by multiple building dept agencies and the “usda”
        There isn’t a blame in every situation ( and it’s neither clever nor cool to try to create one….)
        Sorry for their loss hashem should help them get through this easy

    1. To most of the above comments, the sprinkler system is meant to prevent such a large fire, not put it out. If it was equipped is should have put out the fire right away, so either the fire system malfunctioned or it was not equipped. Sorry for the loss.

    2. NYFD says an unattended stovetop caused Monday’s massive fire in a commercial building in Brooklyn.

      The fire broke out around 11 p.m. Sunday night in a catering and cold storage business located at 640 Parkside Avenue in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

      The flames burned through the night until firefighters got them under control early Monday morning.

      The building suffered significant damage, but no major injuries were reported.


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