New York – Suspect Being Questioned In Gruesome Brooklyn Carjacking, Hit And Run


    The carjackers ditched the truck on 22nd Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues, police said. (Courtesy DNAinfo/Trevor Kapp)Brooklyn, NY – Police are questioning an unidentified suspect in a horrific hit and run that took the life of a 63 year old Brooklyn resident this morning.

    Phillip Dellegrazia, the owner of A&D Ironworks in Sunset Park, was killed this morning when he was run down by an individual who had stolen Dellegrazia’s 2003 flatbed truck.

    AM New York reported that Dellegrazia would typically pull his company truck out on onto the street in the early morning and would leave the vehicle running with his keys in the ignition. An unidentified man jumped into Dellegrazia’s truck while it was idling in front of A&D Ironworks atn 705 Fourth Ave., near 23rd Street, approximately 9 AM and drove off. Dellegrazia and one of his employees got into a second truck and attempted to chase down the stolen vehicle.

    Both trucks turned the corner onto 4th Avenue where tragedy unfolded one block later. Eyewitness Troy Tecau, who knew the victim, said that the situation was chaotic.

    “Something wasn’t right,” said Tecau. “This gigantic truck runs down the street, followed closely by the black truck. The guys caught up at the light.”

    Tecau said that Dellegrazia jumped out of the second truck and began banging on the flatbed, but the suspect put the larger truck in gear and gunned the engine.

    “It roared,” said Tecau. “He was trying to kill him. I saw him hit the trash can and I saw the body go flying.”

    Dellegrazia was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect abandoned the flatbed and fled the scene on foot.

    Police told VIN News that while they are questioning someone in connection with the incident, no charges have been filed at this time and that the investigation is ongoing.

    Tecau described Dellegrazia, a father of three, as “a credit to the neighborhood.”

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    1. Phil Dellegrazie was a good man! I was in the midst of doing business with him. He always told me how he loves the Jewish people because we’re always so nice to him and being an Italian he appreciated our sense of family unity! Rest in peace Phil!


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