Brooklyn, NY – $280K And Valuables Stolen From HSBC Bank Vault In BP


    A Police officer stands guard on the rooftop above HSBC bank on 13th Ave where a thief dug a hole and made off with nearly 300K worth of valuables. (Eli Wohl/, NY – An employee at a Borough Park bank was greeted by a shocking sight upon opening up the bank’s vault this morning: a hole in the ceiling leading out to the roof.

    Police said that approximately $280,000 in cash, as well as valuables from an unknown number of safe deposit boxes were taken during the heist at the HSBC Bank branch on 13th Avenue and 44th Street. The robbery took place sometime over the weekend and no alarms were activated during the robbery.

    The theft was discovered at 8:30 AM this morning by the employee who opened the vault. Police, who are continuing their investigation, discovered an abandoned ladder on the roof of the building.

    The contents of the pilfered safe deposit boxes are unknown at this time and police said that they do not know if the owners of the affected boxes have been notified.

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    1. Hard to understand how in this day and age with all the technology that we have that this can just happen without being watched or noticed. No! There is no excuse!

    2. This bank doesn’t exactly look like Fort Knox to start with. People should think twice and three times, before using the “safe deposit” boxes of these strip mall type banks.

        • You’ve been watching too many movies / read too many books.
          Most bank jobs in recent years have been exactly like this. Either from the roof / wall next door. There are so many of them that you don’t even hear about it, even if you banked there (unless its a heimishe bank). I know because I have a friend who is a bank manager. Security at high street banks are a joke. A couple hundred grand thefts is a drop in the bucket for these banks, so they aren’t about to spend millions of dollars in upgrades at every branch. Customers are usually covered under insurance anyway.

    3. Maybe only Chase and TD in Boro Park would qualify as secure. The rest of these banks on every corner are a joke; installing a huge safe door to impress customers is a marketing tactic. Many bank burglaries in recent years have been through the roof, the weakest link. Serious banks have sensors and lasers inside ceilings and walls that would detect, heat and drilling.

      • that’s what you get with a chasidish yeshiva secular education,we have 4th and 5th generation American born kids who are absolutely illiterate,what a shame and a big CHILLUL HASHEM


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