Jerusalem – Military Seals Home Of Palestinian In Deadly Rock-Throwing Of Erev Rosh Hashanah 5776


    Family members of Palestinian Abed Mohammad Rabo Dawiyat sit at the entrance of their home after Israeli security forces sealed their house in Sur Baher, a village in the suburbs of Arab east Jerusalem, April 11, 2016. REUTERSJerusalem – The Israeli military says forces have sealed the home of a Palestinian charged with killing an Israeli when he threw rocks at the man’s car in Jerusalem.

    Sixty-four-year-old Alexander Levlovitz was driving home from a holiday meal last year when his car was struck and crashed. He was the first Israeli to be killed in the current seven month-long wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

    Palestinian attacks have killed 28 Israelis and two Americans. Some 188 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, most of whom Israel says were attackers. The rest were killed in clashes.

    The military says the east Jerusalem home of the rock thrower, Abed Dawiat, was sealed Monday.

    Israel says home-sealing and demolitions are meant to deter attacks. Critics say the tactic amounts to collective punishment.‎

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    1. As if they don’t just unseal it as soon as the soldiers leave… “Sealing” homes is a Stupid PR waste of time. If they wanted to do it right they would just have a D9 do a few laps over the building.


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