Brooklyn, NY – Child Hit By Car After Running Out Into BP Street


    Brooklyn, NY – A 6 year old boy is in critical but stable condition in a Brooklyn hospital after being struck by a car this afternoon in Borough Park.

    Police said that the boy darted into the street from between two cars without warning at approximately 3:15 PM. The child, a Borough Park resident, was struck by a black Lexus traveling southbound in front of 1350 54th Street.

    The boy was thrown underneath a parked vehicle from the impact, according to witnesses.

    EMS crews responding to the scene freed and transported the child to Lutheran Hospital. The boy suffered head trauma in the accident, police said. The driver of the Lexus remained on scene and cooperated with police.

    The NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad is continuing its investigation at this time. Police said that it appears likely that no charges will be filed in the connection with the incident.

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    1. I live in Ramapo and most of my new neighbors allow their kids under 7 or 8 to play in the streets without any supervision. I have knocked on their doors and explained how dangerous this is, but they ignore me. Today there were about 15 kids from different families playing in the middle of the street. These kids attend yeshiva without fire alarms and then they return home to more danger. They just can’t win.

    2. I am not pleased about the comments that already appear here, and are typical for articles about such tragedies. Get over it. Accidents happen. They are tragic, horrible, and thrust the family and usually others into terrible pain. But we need to recognize that accidents happen. The rush to start heaping blame on parents, yeshivas, etc. is uncalled for, and is usually wrong. With the best parents, the most careful and caring, accidents happen. I will get nauseous if commenters here start taking about ruchniyus causes, as if they know the insides of how HKB”H operates. I can accept a suggestion about how we should improve ourselves as a zechus for this child, and as a protection from other future troubles. But there is no navi around who can tell us specifics. If we did have a navi, I seriously doubt he would be posting on the internet.

      • The issue is not whether you are pleased.
        After accidents like this I always refrain from leaving the kneejerk comment about watching kids, etc.
        I try not to add pain but the issue still remains, parents are allowing their children to be involved in risky situations. As a parent I really want to say, have as many kids as you can handle, and possibly not more.

    3. I’ve been a licensed driver for over 50 years, and I’m very grateful that I’ve never struck a pedestrian. About eight years ago, I was driving down a residential street, and was not going more than 20 miles per hour; all of a sudden, this boy, no older than 7 years old came darting into the middle of the street. I jammed on my brakes, and Boroch Hashem, I stopped just in time. The kid just stood there grinning at me. I was so upset at that near tragedy, that I regretfully lost my cool, and shouted out some words, which I should not have said. At that instance, the boy’s Mother yelled at him, and told him to get into their house. Believe it or not, about two week later, in the same area, I saw the same kid still playing in the street. In the old days, the parents would have taught that kid a lesson that he would never have forgotten. Today, it is a much different story. Incidentally, also in that same area, there was an irresponsible pet owner with many cats. One day, a cat also darted into the middle of the street. I also jammed my brakes on, and thankfully missed that case. As with the Mother of the young boy, the pet owner was equally irresponsible.

      • About 2 years ago I was driving on 49th st from 13th to 12th Ave, and a 2 Year old was walking in the street, barefoot. I knocked on several doors, found his mother who was sleeping, didn’t know that her son had left, and took him in & closed the door. She didn’t seem too upset, didn’t thank me nor apologize. I wonder if I should have taken the child to the police precinct instead?

    4. Unfortunately accidents happen even when parents are around. Ryan Cruz, a 3 yr old non-jewish boy darted into the street and was killed instantly. His mom received only love & support (babyboybakery is her blog). I don’t know why everyone is rushing to point fingers. Also, some parents with 15 kids are more responsible than parents with way less so these comments are juvenile. Does anyone know how Berish -n chana rivka is doing?


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