New York, NY – Uber Drivers In New York Form Labor Association


    FILE - People wait to register for the Uber citywide jobs tour in the Queens borough of New York July 21, 2015. ReutersNew York, NY – Uber drivers in New York state have formed an association to strengthen their hand in dealing with the ride-sharing service, labor leaders said on Sunday, days after the company agreed to a $100 million settlement with drivers in two other states.

    More than 1,000 Uber drivers signed membership cards with the association, known as the Amalgamated Local of Livery Employees in Solidarity, or Alles, the association said in a statement.

    The recent settlement with Uber Drivers in California and Massachusetts over expense claims also allowed them to form associations that can bring grievances to the attention of management. The step follows a recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board that blocked the formation of a traditional union for Uber drivers.

    Alles said it would work to protect members against car companies, insurance firms and others, while urging New York City and state to tighten regulations on Uber and its ride-sharing competitors.

    “Since Uber management controls the fares charged for the service, drivers want and need security and protection,” the association said in a statement. “Uber financiers are forcing drivers to work long hours without any benefits or labor law protections.”

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    1. Once again the Unions ruining a great free economy right.
      Keeping prices high for the average person so the union bosses can benefit from fees
      How stupid do you need to be??
      Uber took away all the garbage and the result has been a vastly better taxi experience with drivers making more money than before.
      Now, the good ole Unions want to ruin all that.


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