New York, NY – Bratton Dismisses Call To Step Down; NYPD Confirms Dead Officer Not Subject Of Federal Probe


    FILE - NYPD Commish Bratton seen here with Inspector Michael AmeriNew York, NY – Despite calls for his resignation, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has no intention of giving up his office at One Police Plaza.

    As reported yesterday by VIN News Ed Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, called for Bratton to step down during a Sunday radio interview with John Catsimatidis in the wake of the corruption scandal involving multiple high ranking NYPD members.

    “Bratton has stayed too long and it’s time to go,” said Mullins.

    Bratton fired back at Mullins this afternoon in a WCBS News interview saying, “I’m not going anywhere so you might have to wait a while.”

    Bratton also slammed media outlets the way it has covered the suicide saying, “I am very disappointed in the media reporting on the death of our inspector, that’s the death by suicide,” he said.

    “There was so much misinformation from sources, unnamed sources, the unbridled speculation on the part of some of the media outlets is unfortunate and it’s regrettable.” Bratton said.

    While a number of senior officers in the NYPD have been reassigned because of possible links to the ongoing corruption probe, police spokesperson Stephen Davis confirmed today that Inspector Michael Ameri, who apparently took his own life on Friday afternoon, was not a target of the investigation, according to Newsday.

    Despite published reports that Ameri had been interviewed by federal agents just days he died in his car of a gunshot wound to the head, Davis said that Ameri was last interviewed in March, offering his full cooperation. NYPD officials said they do not known what could have prompted Ameri to commit suicide.

    Ameri’s funeral will be held on Thursday morning in Deer Park, Long Island.

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