Staten Island, NY – New York Post Raised The Ire Of NYPD With Early Suicide Report About Inspector Ameri


    Staten Island, NY – The New York Post’s callousness is to blame for the anguish of Robert Ameri, father of NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri, 44, who committed suicide last week, top police officials are charging.

    Capital New York ( reports the Captain’s union leader and other senior law enforcement officers are furious with the Post for posting news of Ameri’s suicide before the NYPD had an opportunity to notify his family and release an official statement.

    Ameri’s father first learned of his son’s death from the Post’s website, while other media outlets withheld the information until the NYPD issued an official statement later that afternoon.

    “This is not a TV show. These are real human beings who feel pain, love, and are loved. Basic human dignity should not be superseded by a tabloid’s rush to be the first internet report on an individual tragedy,” said president of the Captain Endowment Association, Roy Richter.

    An anonymous police official said the Post editors were unrepentant when contacted about the early release of the information. “They were unapologetic – they did not care at all,” the source said.

    NYPD Commissioner Bratton publicly said this week that Ameri was not in the crosshairs of the ongoing federal corruption investigation into the department. He said Ameri had cooperated with authorities and it is unclear why Ameri chose to kill himself.

    A spokesperson for the Post declined to comment about the incident.

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    1. Sounds like the father is getting ready to start a lawsuit. He blames the Post for not not being more considerate of his feelings…His blame is misplaced…. It was unfortunately his own son who didn’t give a hoot about his father’s feelings (or those of his other family members) when he committed suicide.

      • Oy. So cynical and unfeeling.
        His son was obviously in a lot of psychological pain. His son may have thought that suicide was better for his family.
        To blithely assume that he “didn’t give a hoot about his father’s feelings” is not based on any facts and disregards much of what we know about the psychology of suicide.

        • “Suicide is better for the family?!” Are you normal? I don’t believe there’s any person on earth who would choose to have a family member commit suicide, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES! Sorry, but this is all on the son who committed suicide, not giving a care to how hurt his family would be!

          • Yes, I am normal–thank you for asking.
            I’ve seen reports of suicides in which the person was under investigation for a wrong-doing and felt that killing himself would spare the family the trauma of a possible trial and jail.
            I’m not agreeing or defending it but trying to point out that it is not as simple as saying “he didn’t give a hoot.”

      • It’s not about a lawsuit or money. That’s not even a consideration. Your comment is just as bad as what they did. It’s about being a decent human being. You should try that sometime.


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