Queens, NY – Burglars Cut Hole Through Bank Roof, Steal Valuables From Queens Bank


    Investigtors on the scene of Maspeth Federal Savings Bank in Rego Park, Queens. (Shimon Gifter/VINnews.com)Queens, NY – A group of professional bank robbers struck again over the weekend, this time hitting the Maspeth Federal Savings Bank in Rego Park, Queens.

    The thieves got away with the contents of several safe deposit boxes in a heist police believe is likely connected to at least ten other robberies, including one in April at the Borough Park branch of HSBC where $280,000 in cash and valuables were stolen. The latest theft and missing deposit boxes was discovered by a bank employee at around 8:30 this morning.

    Adding to the mystery surrounding the robbery, the robbers left 36 empty safe deposit boxes on the roof of the bank, as well as the ladder they used to climb up. A hole was cut into the roof and the bank’s fence, and the feed to the security cameras had been cut as well.

    Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce referred to the burglars as “pros,” saying, “It’s a ten case pattern. Generally they seek to get the boxes inside, and they stack them up on the roof.”

    Local residents were shocked to learn about the robbery. “With all the sophisticated security we have today, this is the result of it?” asked John Dabrowski. “I mean, it’s unbelievable.”

    Maspeth Federal Savings Bank said customers who sustained losses will be notified by tomorrow.

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    1. Let the banks put up cameras on nearby properties as well to try & catch these thieves once & for all. They probably wouldn’t check surrounding properties for cameras.

    2. The neighbours asked if this is the result of the sophisticated security from nowa fays, i ask, has the police not learned as of yet after the borogh psrk bank heist to catch or prevent robberies altogether, or the only thing they’re good at is hitting with their battons like hulligans

    3. When I heard about this robbery I couldn’t believe it. Majority of people believe that a bank is the safest place to store their personal belongings .. but clearly that is not the case since as of recent there have been many stories of banks getting broken into. One of my close family members was a victim of this robbery. The only way to get through something like this is to speak to an attorney ! Ancona Levine Attorneys on Long Island & Manhattan are really helpful and their doing everything they can to get my family through their tough situation.


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