Orange County, NY – Kiryas Joel Beats Back Legal Challenges Against Cornwall Well


    Orange County, NY – Plans to continue building a well in Cornwall will go forward after an acting Supreme Court justice threw out two lawsuits questioning the validity of the well’s permit, according to a report by Record Online (

    Last year On October 1, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued a permit to Kiryas Joel to connect the well in Cornwall to a pipeline being built in the Catskill Aqueduct in New Windsor. Approximately 612,000 gallons a day are expected to be pumped from the well, greatly increasing Kiryas Joel’s water supply until pipeline construction is completed and can be connected to New York City’s water supply.

    However, opponents of the $56.5 million project, now in its fourth year, filed two different lawsuits seeking to nullify the permit, alleging that the DEC and the village did not consider how the well pumping would affect neighboring wells and water levels in Moodna and Woodbury creeks.
    Justice Henry Zwack disagreed with that contention, finding that both the village and the agency had submitted “overwhelming evidence” that there was a “rational basis” for the DEC to sanction the well.

    Situated off Route 32 in the Mountainville area of Cornwall, the well is housed about half-way along the 13.5-mile-long pipeline Kiryas Joel is building to access the Catskill’s Aqueduct.

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    1. Since the fbi pays KJ a monthly visit to collect documents, they are probably going to indict this case also. Another day…. another shanda.

    2. I don’t understand the haters here. KJ legitimately applied for a permit and despite numerous legal challenges it was sustained. Why must you assume that there was anything crooked? Would you rather they built it without a permit?
      Unfortunately your desired beliefs overrule your ability to rationalize.

    3. How in the world did this appen?! It must be a ‘deal’ with the judge. You can’t assume otherwise. So why is no one investigating? Because there is a deal with the FBI, Of course.
      There is a deal with the President too!.. they have everyone in their pocket…
      Time to move out of the area.
      Oh, never mind. finally someone is stepping up againsed the ‘corruption’…

      There is not enogh water because the sewer capacity is very low because there’s too much water – because the area isn’t ‘sustainable’ because of the ‘Environment’ from our Schools – and the ‘natural Beauty’ of the ‘air quality’ from the ‘Zoning’ of our neighborhood..!


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