Rockland County, NY – Ramapo Names New Fire And Building Inspectors While State Authorizes County Officials To Inspect Private Schools


    Rockland County, NY – Hours after New York State authorized Rockland County officials to inspect close to fifty private schools that were found to have code violations, the Town of Ramapo appointed two new inspectors that would take charge of both building and fire safety.

    The Journal News reported that Michael Lepori was named as the town’s new fire inspector, a position that comes with a $64,073 salary and Ian Smith will earn $74,173 as deputy building inspector.

    A new position of assistant fire inspector was created for former town fire inspector Adam Peltz who was demoted by the town to assistant fire inspector after the state discovered numerous violations at schools that he had been inspected. As assistant fire inspector, Peltz will earn $85,865.

    The new appointments were made today by Town of Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and the town board. St. Lawrence said that the new positions will help the town work through any backlog in inspections.

    St. Lawrence continues to refuse calls for his resignation after his arrest for violating federal financing laws in the construction of a minor league ballpark, as previously reported on VIN News ( He said today that he had no knowledge of the state’s decision to fire send inspectors into 49 private schools, located mostly in Ramapo and Spring Valley.

    Rockland County Executive Ed Day announced at a press conference today that the state inspections will begin on Friday. The inspections will be conducted by four man teams of state certified code enforcement officials who will work together in some cases with local fire inspectors, and will be completed by the end of June.

    “This is a great victory for children of Rockland County, who will now be safe when they are at school,” said Day. “We have been asking for a long time for the authority to do these inspections and it took a bipartisan effort to make this a reality.”

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    1. Agudah is very unhappy about this. Their dirty little secrets will be exposed now. The black mold in these yeshivas is unbelievable and most students are sick weekly.

    2. About time, school buildings should always be up to code. This has nothing to do with anti-semitisim. The safety of our children in school should be our number one priority.

    3. This Ed Day fellow is a member of the Hasidei Umos Haolam, he truly cares about Yiddish kinda’s safety, unfortunately some people think that yeshivas do everything right when it comes to safety. #1, has Aguda come out against this?

      • Not sure where you take your resources. Ed Day is a known anti Semite. Yes, we should all abide by the fire codes, but they couldn’t care less its all about going after the yidden in rockland. If a day goes by with nothing negative to find they will make sure to find something. Read the papers. From all of the illegal Hispanic and rundown housing in slum areas all over Rockland, its the yidden thats in their way? Oct ’15 a woman dies in Nyack illegal apt fire, has anybody heard of that? Didnt hear of Ed Day cracking down in Nyack.

        • Ed Day is a true friend of the Jews. His first priority is safety and 99 per cent of illegal housing is owned by Frum.

          They don’t worry about kids burning. Ed does.

          • its true if the frum landlords did everything by the book or better yet not rent to illegals who ruin property for everyone else, there wouldn’t be fires in Nyack.

    4. “This is terrible. It will mean safer, healthier environments for our children! A shanda! Unless we can make money off it, of course.” The Jews of Rockland County.

      • Many of these illegal yeshivas have never been inspected. Parents are not concerned that there are no alarms. Many have told me it is Hashem’s protection and not fire code rules.

    5. You’d be happier if they let kinder burn?
      Wouldn’t that be true antisemitism?
      The inspections are for all private schools not yet in compliance, even secular and the goy ones. If the frum followed the law…this wouldn’t be happening to the frum- it would not be an issue.
      A thought; we attempt to replace the 6 million by having large families, and then we don’t protect them. Who’s the antisemite?

      • Agudah says Ed Day is antisemitic because he is protecting kinder and also confidentially helps frum abused women. He is the first to reach out to frum in danger. When an abused frum woman goes to a frum only shelter, word gets out. Ed helps them quietly. Have any one of you been married, have 10 plus kids and get beaten? Would you turn to your ruv who says stay and do more mitzvahs or get Ed’s help in his shelters?


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