London – Stamford Hill Jewish Community Raises $7,000 To Thank Heroes Who Rescued Stranded Teens


    Stamford Hill children are rescued from cliffs in Dover by the RNLI on Monday night (Picture: Stuart Brock Photography)London – In a show of gratitude to their rescuers, the parents of the 34 rescued teens in Dover have raised £5,000 ($7200 in USD) for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), the Hackney Gazette reports (

    As previously reported on VIN News (, over three dozen teenagers, aged 13 and 14, and two adults from the Ahavas Yisroel Community Centre in Stamford Hill became lost while on a hike on Monday, and found themselves stranded by rising waters on Kent Beach.

    The group contacted Kent Police and the coastguard dispatched a helicopter, three RNLI lifeboats, and a Langdon Coastguard rescue team.

    The coastguard advised the lost contingent to keep their cell phones turned on and lit to aid in their rescue. Members of the Stamford Hill Shomrim also joined in the search and rescue efforts.

    A spokesman for the group, Shimon Cohen, wrote a letter to the RNLI saying, “Immediately after the incident, the boys’ parents began fundraising in our community in gratitude for your heroism.”

    The fundraising campaign is ongoing.

    According to the coastguard, the hikers had apparently passed nine warning signs and were “lucky to be alive.”An inquiry into why the teens were accompanied by only two adults is being investigated.

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    1. The money should go towards teaching the two adults to read, as they went past 9 signs to not enter the area. If the two adults can read, perhaps they can instead be taught some humility that they do not know better than every one else.

    2. It would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to rescue so many people with helicopters. And they would have all drowned had they not been rescued.

    3. For Americans;
      The RNLI is a lifeboat service that is staffed mostly with volunteers.
      Just like health they give their time, and too often risk their personal safety for strangers.
      They made a mistake. Most people ignore signs at one time or another. I doubt they will do it twice. Many non- charedim will make the same mistake this year and every year . That’s why they have rescue services.
      It is a huge kiddish H’ that they are showing appreciation for the organization that saved their lives by raising money for for the important work of the lifeboats. I think that shows a certain measure of contrition.

      • Certainly not a Kiddush Hashem. Imagine the rescuers putting their own lives in danger and wondering if this group of people could not read signs or did not care that they were violating the rules

    4. Everyone can easily donate to the RNLI by monthly direct debit. I have donated £3- per month for the last three years. You also get copies of the RNLI magazines.


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