Jerusalem – Israel To Cut Palestinian Tax Transfers After West Bank Killing


    FILE - Palestinians with low income take part in a demonstration calling the Ministry of social affairs to pay their allocations and providing social assistance, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, on February 15, 2015.  Flash90Jerusalem – Israel will reduce monthly transfers of tax collected on behalf of the Palestinians in what aides to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as a response to the killing of two Israelis in Palestinian attacks in the occupied West Bank this week.

    The amount deducted from about $130 million sent to the Palestinian Authority (PA) each month will be equal to stipends it pays militants in Israeli prisons and the families of jailed or slain militants, Netanyahu’s office said on Friday.

    “Incitement and payouts to terrorists and their relatives constitute an incentive to murder,” it said in a statement.

    Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli and wounded three others in an attack on a family car in the West Bank on Friday, the Israeli army and medics said. On Thursday, a Palestinian stabbed a 13-year-old girl to death in a West Bank settlement.

    Palestinian officials did not immediately respond to the Israeli statement, which did not say how much cash would be cut.

    Under interim peace deals from the 1990s, Israel collects tax on behalf of the PA, which exercises limited self-rule. The revenues are crucial to running the PA and paying public-sector salaries. Israel withheld tax money in 2012 and last year in response to Palestinian moves for statehood recognition abroad.

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      • Watch and see how “long” this will last before Obama and the UN and EU y’s come crying about the injustice towards the poor innocent palis, and Bibi will then sadly cave to the pressure, as he has every time. These terrorists should be wiped out, not having their payments cut for a day and a half.

    1. time to build thousands of new homes in hevron and send it thousands and thousands of new families there now. that is the only response to fight this barbaric animals

    2. By paying taxes or rent to another entity it means they own the land and you are just rented it. Is that what the Israeli government believes they are the renters of a piece of land and they have to pay their monthly rent??? No wonder the world thinks Israel is an occupier when you pay you are not the owner.


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