Brooklyn, NY – Two Muslim Teens Beaten Outside NYC Mosque: Rights Group


    Brooklyn, NY – Two Muslim teenagers were beaten outside a New York City mosque by an attacker who shouted slurs at them, a rights group said on Monday, calling for police to investigate the incident as a bias crime.

    The attack early on Sunday was at least the third involving Muslims in the United States over the weekend. A law enforcement source said investigators had ruled out the incident as a bias crime.

    The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, said in a statement that a 16-year-old boy was attacked outside Brooklyn’s Muslim Community Center as he took a break from prayers.

    A surveillance video released by CAIR showed a man punching, kicking and stomping the youth as he lay in the street. Another teenager on a bicycle was chased and attacked when he rode past the boy.

    CAIR said the man was reportedly heard shouting: “You Muslims are the cause of all the problems of the world” and calling the youths “terrorists.”

    The 16-year-old suffered a concussion, cuts, bruises and a badly swollen eye, and was taken to a hospital. The second teenager had a black eye, CAIR said.

    Afaf Nasher, the executive director of CAIR in New York, said the slurs warranted an investigation into a possible bias motive.

    A spokesman for the New York Police Department said the 16-year-old suffered bruises to the head and was treated at a hospital. The second teenager refused medical attention. The spokesman gave his age as 17.

    The law enforcement source said the police hate crimes unit had rejected the incident as a bias crime. He said the two youths were harassing a 40-year-old woman in a car and her 37-year-old boyfriend assaulted them.

    The man has been identified and a search for him is under way, the source said.

    In Houston on Sunday, a Muslim doctor headed for morning prayers at a mosque was shot in an attack by three men. The motive was unclear, but came a day after another Muslim man was beaten outside a Florida mosque.

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    1. Bias crime ??
      If they were harassing my significant other , a concussion would be the least of their worries
      These savages are watching their brethren in Europe marauding their way across the continent while suffering no consequence and think they can get away with it here too.
      I’m glad this guy wasn’t a European pansy and taught them a lesson

    2. Why is the media so fast to give us these stories and stories of Gays as front page headlines ? The Reason: The media is written(and controlled) by extreme leftist who gave us Obama and now attention to Sanders (the fool who has no loyalty to his people and trying to convince Americans that he has loyalty to them)

    3. Typical Muslims, they attack someone and when that person fights back the OTHER person is the perp, just like in Israel vis a vis the day laborerer descended so called Palestinians.

    4. Hope an investigation will show that it was Muslim self inflicted. Hope they had cameras and will show that it was lies..lets wait a bit and see the rest of the story

    5. Most of the above comments illustrate what animals so many of the so-called heimishe frum community have become. The level of hate directed at others is at least equal to and maybe even greater than the hate directed at us by skinheads, right-wing nationalists, and jihadists. “A light unto the nations”? What a joke.


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