Washington – Clinton: Trump Six-pointed Star Tweet Disturbing


    Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a Grassroots Organizing Event at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas, November 17, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Stone/File Photo -Washington – Hillary Clinton’s campaign says a tweet from Donald Trump that appeared to feature the Star of David is “disturbing” and part of a pattern that “should give voters major cause for concern.”

    Sarah Bard, Clinton’s director for Jewish outreach, says Trump should be “condemning hate,” not blaming others. Bard says a president should be someone who “brings Americans together, not someone who sends signals and offers policies of division.”

    The campaign’s comments come after Trump blamed the media for the controversy involving an anti-Clinton tweet that appeared to depict the symbol of Judaism, a six-pointed star, atop a pile of cash.

    The tweet was sent from Trump’s official account Saturday, then deleted. A new version was later posted with a circle in place of the star.

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    1. To Hillary its “Disturbing”. To a Yid who’s entire family was killed by the Germans this new German who advocates Deportations is very scary.

    2. obamas courting of islamist terrorists, iran as a friend, saudis as a foe, israel as an enemy, palestinian terrorists as a friend is EVEN MORE DISTURBING

    3. Having worked in advertising, marketing and PR, I’m quite confident (personally) that Trump’s graphic artist for this piece grabbed an image that would fit the text and that was that. S/he was thinking. Probably a tight deadline to satisfy. After the fact, it became this big brouhaha. But of course, everyone has to jump to conclude the worst because – that’s what our yetzer is wired to do, right? Become the best at thinking the worst. Feh!

    4. NO ONE from the party that pushes an agenda of difference between race, creed, color, or religion should have the audacity to utter anything like shrillary is!

      • Mark – in your vituperative haste, and as sarcastic as you were trying to be, you have attributed to Clinton the opposite of what you were trying to rant.

    5. Every excuse for Herr Trumpf, whose campaign has featured numerous blunders, outrageous racist taunts. Presidential he’s not. Wait till the trailer park convention circus…

    6. A six pointed star is Sherrif’s Star.
      Don’t you get it? Crooked Hillary should be arrested for her many crimes.

      Instead she and the liberal media are doing their best to discredit Donald Trump. Hopefully the American people will be smart enough to see through this hysteria.

      And by the way, in the early 1990’s when Donald Trump tried to open a Country Club in Florida, he insisted that Jews and Blacks be allowed to join. It created quite a controversy at the time and local politicians tried to block him. Funny how the liberal media does not bring this story to the public eye.

    7. Ever see a sheriff’s badge lying on a pile of $100 bills?
      What a weak excuse.
      I’m afraid Trump will have many more such gaffes regarding Israel.
      Anyone voting for Trump is voting for major trouble with Israel and Jews.
      And , yes, Hillary is a liar – so what? aren’t most politicians liars? And isn’t most of blabbermouth’s utterances lies?


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