Washington – Trump Insists Clinton Tweet Isn’t Anti-Semitic


    Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., July 5, 2016.      REUTERS/Joshua Roberts Washington – Donald Trump is again insisting that his negative tweet about Hillary Clinton did not feature a Star of David atop a pile of cash.

    Trump said Wednesday at a rally in Cincinnati that it was just “a regular star or maybe a sheriff’s star” and that he wished his campaign had not deleted the image.

    Trump received criticism for the image of the star, which some had deemed anti-Semitic. He insists that the media “was racist” for assuming that the image had Jewish connotations.

    He also says that he is not anti-Semitic, noting that his daughter Ivanka had converted to Judaism for marriage and is raising her children Jewish.

    The rant about the tweet came amid a long list of Trump complaints about the media’s coverage of several recent controversies, including his apparent praise of Saddam Hussein and the size of his crowds.

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    1. “Some of my best friends are .”

      So it goes.

      I really don’t know what is in The Donald’s heart. (Do you?)

      But he or some of his advisers must be anti-Semitic.

      Why did he NOT apologize to ” all those who were offended” by his tweet?
      Just the opposite, he says that he wished his campaign had not deleted the image.

      Why did he NOT distance himself from rabid anti-Semites like David Duke?

      • I do know that Trump is not an anti semtie. I think its obvious based on how proud he is of his jewish family and he has often dealt with frum jewish business people in NYC. In addition he has frum yidden high up in his company. Its common sense that the guy is not an anti semite .

        Re why he does not apologize or distance himself. Simple Trump is sick and tired of all this “peacy” apologetic tone in the USA. People have to stop getting so offended and stop being whimps. Its sickening that nothing can be said or done because we have to watch our backs always and wonder will we offend someone. Its time to stop the age of “distancing” and “appoligizng”. Thats why Trump refuses to do as you say. Its not beacuse of anti Semitism

      • Don’t be stupid. His daughter and son in law are frum Jews. So you REALLY believe any father of Jews would do something anti Semitic like that?

    2. Yeah, it was a sheriff’s badge. On top of $100 bills.
      Oh, but his daughter CONVERTED ! Mazal Tov!
      That allows him to grab material from a neo-Nazi site and display it to all.
      What a moron !
      And him you want as your president?
      Give me a liar about emails anytime over this shmattakop

    3. I don’t believe Trump is an anti Semite. However, this continues his I don’t apologize to anyone persona. I am tired of his ego. Jews are not the first to be insulted. I still can’t believe he didn’t apologize for his John McCain comments. Ancient history but this is the ego of Trump. It is only the latest of a. Long line of insults to individuals and groups


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