Jerusalem – Lawyer Asks Israel To Destroy Homes Of Palestinian’s Killers


    FILE - Prison guards escort Yosef Haim Ben-David, the third defendant in the murder of Muhammed Abu Khdeir, as he arrives to the Disctrict Court in Jerusalem, on May 3, 2016.  Flash90Jerusalem – A lawyer for the family of a Palestinian teen whose 2014 murder was part of a chain of events that sparked the Gaza war says he wants Israel to punish the teenager’s killers in the same way it does Palestinian militants.

    Lawyer Mohannad Jubara is petitioning Israel’s Supreme Court to demolish the family homes of the Israeli three men who abducted 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir and burned him to death in 2014.

    The attackers say it was in revenge for the abduction and killing of three Israeli teens by Palestinians allied with the Islamic militant group Hamas.

    Israel says it carries out demolitions of militants’ homes to deter future attacks. Palestinians consider it collective punishment.

    Jubara said this week that he wants the same policy applied for Abu Khdeir’s killers.

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    1. The absurdity of this lawyer’s demand is that unlike Palestinian terrorists who are rewarded as are their families, praised, and encouraged to continue their murders, the Israeli criminals are jailed and prosecuted.

    2. How interesting that this argument is being made in the court system of the very country they vilify, Hate, pray that it should be destroyed, and actually try to destroy it

    3. I agree with the lawyer. I am as pro Zionist as they come (while living in US), but this boy’s murder was terrorism in every conceivable sense of the word. His family should suffer as Arab terrorist families suffer. It will be a warning to all those Jewish hoodlums who attack IDF, cops, Arabs and Christians.

      • “All those Jewish hoodlums?” How many are there, you Jew-hating piece of garbage? You fool no one with your new screen Name either…we know you’re the same neturei karta/”Torah True” (yeah right) lowlife that posts all the other pathetic and hateful comments against Israel and Jews living there!

    4. The destruction of Arab homes does not deter future terrorism. They actually, in many cases, have proven to incite even more terrorism. Public and internal IDF studies have already clarified such. The demolitions are in large part to appeast the Israeli public and “change the topic” from the discussion of why the government won’t actually defend the Jewish people against terrorists.

    5. The Zionists sacrificed both Hadar Goldin and Oren Shaul for “humanitarian” reasons so whats a big deal for them to destroy a Jew’s house, they’ve done it so many times already in the name of peace like in Gaza.

    6. The family homes should be destroyed, as we cannot be more lenient with Jewish terrorists than Arab ones. Unfortunately there are exist other Jews who might be tempted to emulate them. If house demolition deters Arab terrorists, it ought to do the same for Jews.

    7. Sort of pathetic how if you disagree with someone’s views, you call them a “Jew Hater” or “NK” or some other childish comment. A terrorist is a terrorist. The homes a all three families should be blown to pieces to serve as a deterrent against future murderous crimes like these three committed. A Jewish teenager’s life is worth no more or less than the life of an innocent arab teen and those who the families of any murderer should be made to pay a terrible price for whatever role they may have had in raising their children to commit murder.


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